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Wording Workshop

News for 2023!

1 - Small-Group Workshops are now scheduled by request only.  If you'd like to join a group, please request the time that works for you by submitting this Request a New Group Form.  Tuesday mornings and afternoons are preferred, but you may also suggest a different day and time that would work for you.

2 - Large-Group sessions are Temporarily On Hiatus until more people train to do them by participating in a Small-Group Wording Workshop 4-week session.

3 - New Class Under Development: 

Demo Wording for Scientists & Academics

Are you tired of Wording alone? Have you been studying Wording for a while, and you want to do more? Do you want to try Wording With Friends, but your friends don't know what that means, and you're uneasy about meeting random strangers on the internet? Are you curious about your subtle-energy body and want to experience it for yourself?

Then the Wording Workshop is for you!

Scroll down to see all the Wording Workshops that are available to Sign Up.

Watch the 2-minute videos below to learn more about what we do in the Wording Workshops.

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