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An Explanation of Wording for Scientists and Academics

For those interested in the Demo Wording Class for Scientists and Academics

I created this class because I have a number of scientist friends who expressed genuine interest in the Wording Workshops I facilitate. I was originally trained to be a research scientist in Biology and Psychology, and I studied human behavior and the human mind from an evolutionary perspective as adaptations that were shaped by the processes of natural selection. To me, Wording fits within that framework, and it deserves to be explored as a normal human phenomenon and appreciated as a human adaptation.

In this class, I simplify the Wording vocabulary and adapt it to scientific language to help participants trust their own perceptions of subtle-energy vibration.  I also respect that participants may not "believe in" channeling and don't know what to make of people who do. Believing in anything is not requisite to benefit from this class.  Class attendees should be willing to try something new and curious about their own human potential.

At present, there are no public classes currently scheduled.  If you are interested in helping develop this class, please send me a message by clicking on the Feedback Form below.

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