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The Wording Kiosk began in August 2020 as a daily post in the Facebook group called Working With I am the Word channelings by Paul Selig. At the time, group members often posted "requests for wording" that didn't fit within the narrow purpose of the group. The Wording Kiosk was a way to maintain the focus of the group feed while also serving the people who wanted to *use* Wording in this way.

While traveling that summer, Betsy Gain (founder and admin of this group since 2011) found this beautiful kiosk that seemed like the perfect, high-vibrational meeting place for wording groups to gather. She took out her camera, and thus, The Wording Kiosk was born...

She soon realized, however, that the daily post was more than just text on a website. It was an interface that enabled real multidimensional communication and collaboration with both embodied people who "Work With I Am the Word" and the non-physical beings (called The Guides) who teach through Paul and assist students personally. Others also realized its significance, and they encouraged her to do more.

During the pandemic shutdown, Betsy assembled a dedicated group of eleven experienced Worders to write and publish the Working With I Am the Word Blog and to experiment with different types of online classes. This enabled her to develop the Workshops that are currently offered.

With this website, Betsy is making new norms for online collaboration using our expanded consciousness.  It's important to her to establish norms that avoid the problems inherent to social media and organized religion.

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Betsy Gain

From a young age, Betsy has been known to be an independent thinker and an innovator with cross-disciplinary expertise. As a high-school senior, she announced at a recognition assembly that she would major in Metaphysics at Princeton (no such major exists - she majored in Biology). Since then, she has studied a variety of ways to understand the mind and methods to access expanded consciousness.  She encourages people of all backgrounds to take their subtle-energy body seriously and to explore expanded consciousness on their own.

Betsy comes from a family of church musicians and ministers (mostly Methodist), and she was trained to teach and to do research in Evolutionary Biology and Experimental Psychology. Managing the big Facebook group for twelve years and editing and publishing the wwiatw blog has given her experience with a vast variety of people with different spiritual and scientific perspectives and at different levels of comfort with metaphysical and religious topics.

Her confidence in knowing that expanded consciousness is real and normal springs from a time long ago when her three young daughters were her main companions. The youngest was born with a kidney condition, and Betsy and the two older sisters used Quantum Touch to help manage her pain until it was resolved through surgery. (This is an old photo from around that time.)

She also went to film school, and is her website for sound, music, and film production.

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