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Group Healing with Wording

Monthly Group Healing Sessions led by Experienced Worders

Participants can attend this session live on Zoom or by watching the replay on the Wording Kiosk YouTube channel. Both Zoom attendees and YouTube viewers alike will engage energetically as they are led by experienced Worders to perform a Group Intentional Healing Session with Wording.

The class begins with a Wording warmup, followed by a healing with Wording session focused on a contemporary public issue. Next, the participants joining us live on Zoom will have the opportunity to unmute their mics and request a personal healing with Wording. Except for these audio requests, those joining us on Zoom will have their cameras and mics off when we record the session.

After the recording stops, those joining us on Zoom will have the opportunity to turn on their cameras, ask questions, and engage in discussion with the panelists and participants.

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