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Do you use the I Am The Word techniques as part of your normal life?  Are you confident in your perception and interpretation of energetic and spiritual phenomena?  Do you want to share your knowledge and experience with the Working With I Am the Word community?  Do you have good writing skills and the discipline to write an engaging title and 300 to 1000 words of compelling content on a regular basis? 

If yes, then you may want to become a writer for the Working I Am the Word Blog.

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Do you run a spiritually oriented business?

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Apply to contribute to our Energetics of Music column

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Do you make music? Are you aware of the subtle energies involved in performing or listening to music? Are you confident discussing what you know about music in relation to practicing I Am the Word and other energetic techniques?  If so, then apply to be a guest writer for our new column about the Energetics of Music.

We want to feature a diverse assortment of music styles and tones, so writers for this column will contribute one blog post each. Posts should have a compelling title and be 300 to 1000 words of well-crafted writing. They can include links to music or videos as examples for your discussion and a link to your website in your byline.

To apply, please submit this application, and one of our editors will contact you.

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