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Meet Our Blog Writers

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Our Blog Writers are a diverse group of individuals who enjoy exploring consciousness and who practice subtle-energy alignment as a normal part of their lives.  They share an appreciation of the I Am the Word teachings as a creative way to learn techniques of energetic self-mastery.  As individuals, they also bring expertise from many other energetic and wisdom practices including Reiki, Yoga, Quantum Touch, Higher Brain Living, Buddhism, Soul Integration, Mediumship, Esoteric Christianity, Mysticism, and Evolutionary Psychology.  Many of them also have backgrounds in religious traditions including Judaism and the Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic, Unity, Mormon, Pentecostal, New Thought, Religious Science, and Gnostic Churches.


Andrew Keola

Passionate about human potential, Andrew is of all things, a student of wisdom and universal teachings—the greatest of which is that unification is brought into being through the simple realization that we are loved by our creator. 

Andrew is an awakening wanderer, passionate teacher, artist, writer, spiritual life coach and guide for all who wish to find their true purpose and participate as masters of divine expression in service to humanity.  

Andrew's Website


Annie Tai

Annie creates intimate conversations on a universal plane through her writing. Her voice is rooted in her personal experiences from a cross-cultural background as an Asian Canadian, and she is a strong advocate for introspective personal growth and healing from a holistic perspective.  Annie channels healing letters through her higher self, which you can find on her website:


Beth Nichols

Beth is a lifelong seeker and student of life. She has explored consciousness through numerous philosophies and traditions and believes the Universe is always serving up lessons and new ideas to explore. Professionally, she has been a business owner, writer and editor, and qualitative researcher. Her writing experience has covered topics as diverse as investing and personal finance, inspiration and spirituality, and science and medicine. Beth has the most fun learning something new and finding clear and compelling ways to communicate it through language. Discovering the lessons of the Guides has been a transformative experience, and she delights in discovering all the ways these ideas present in the world.


Betsy Gain

Betsy found I Am the Word eleven years ago after first learning to work with subtle-energies by practicing 

the Quantum Touch techniques.  She writes about her experiences as an admin for this group.

Betsy's Website


Brenda Brayko

Brenda Brayko, wife, mother, teacher, poet and now blogger,  explores what it is to experience life as both human and being.  Using rich metaphors in her prose and poetry, she unveils her own human and spiritual journey as influenced by the teaching of the Guides.

Brenda's Website


Melissa Higginbotham

Melissa expresses as a Minister, author, teacher, prayer practitioner, sound healer, labyrinth facilitator, and wayshower. She is on the faculty of the Emerson Theological Institute, chairs their vibration program, develops curricula for their correspondence program, and edits the Emerson New Thought Center (“Church Without Walls”) newsletter. Her life mission is to help people make the leap from becoming to a state of being. She has a BA from California State University, Fresno, an MS in Logistics from the Air Force Institute of Technology, and a Doctor of Spiritual Studies from Emerson Theological Institute. Her book on sound and consciousness, Voicing the Sound Eternal: Transformational Power of Sound and Consciousness can be found at


Sandra Vela

Sandra shares practical applications of the teachings of The Guides.  She is training to be a licensed Unity teacher, and serves as a bridge for those expanding their church perspective to include metaphysical interpretations and experiential knowledge.

Our Blog Writers: Team Members
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