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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wording?

Wording is a technique for navigating expanded consciousness by aligning to the source-energy vibration of Word and then witnessing as Word. It has been taught in wisdom traditions throughout history.

How do you learn to do Wording?

Paul Selig’s channeled books are energetic workbooks that teach readers a simple, creative vocabulary for Wording while providing a gradual pathway to learn how to do it. The books are the textbooks for the Wording Workshop.

I'm curious about Wording, and I think I might feel subtle energies.  Where do begin?

If you're new to this material, we recommend you start with the first published book channeled by Paul Selig, I Am the Word. The exercises we do in the Wording Workshop are taught in Paul's second book, The Book of Love and Creation.  Paul's third book, The Book of Knowing and Worth, is also recommended because the first three books are considered foundational to these teachings.

I'm reading the books, and it feels weird, what do I do?

The books are energetic workbooks, so you don't just read them, you do them. You may experience sensations that feel new or surprising. You may realize that you've always felt these sensations, but never paid attention to them. It's common to fall asleep or daydream while reading, and progress through the pages can be slow.  This is normal! 

You may get validation for your experience by joining our Facebook group called "Working With I Am the Word Channelings by Paul Selig." It's a big, diverse group with a lot of well-read people who have been working with I Am the Word for many years. It's a good place to ask a question or spark a discussion about the material. 

If you want to do more, you might want to participate in a Wording Workshop Intro Class or Small-Group Session.

What are Wording Workshop Small-Group Sessions?

Each Small-Group session consists of 4 weekly online classes to practice the skill of Wording and to learn how to use Wording for Group Intentional Healing Sessions that loosely follow the Power of Eight protocols developed by Lynn McTaggart. 

The Wording Workshop is popular with therapists, nurses, and other energetic practitioners who want to add Wording to their professional skillset.  It's also popular with people new to energy work who want personal support and those who want to develop more trust and confidence deciphering their own inner experience.

Click on Workshop for more info.

Testimonials from past participants coming soon!

Paul Selig has books? I thought he makes videos.

Yes, the books are the intended instructional method for learning to Word. Soon after Paul started channeling the Guides, they told him they had a book to write through their collaboration with him - that book was I Am the Word.  In the second book, they explained that they were actually writing a progressive series of books, and "the realization of all this on a global level will be the work of our final book."  In the third book, they mentioned that "The work that we are doing with the students of this text will be here much longer after Paul is."

In recent years, Paul has also produced a lot of channeled video content that he has made available to the public through his website and Youtube channel. The videos are produced along with Paul's channeling activities that support him to keep dictating the texts.  These videos, workshops, and interviews are often the way that people first hear about the books. People enjoy feeling the attunement energies in the videos, and the live workshops offer people a chance to ask questions of the Guides and receive readings from Paul. They also offer the Guides a forum for responding to contemporary events with demonstrations of applicable Wording language.

Reading the books, however, is still the recommended method to learn Wording. We are proud of Paul's success and are thrilled that he is becoming a minor celebrity, but watching a video is a passive experience for the viewer.  If you really want to learn and develop your Wording skillset, you need to do your "homework" by working with the books.  The book series is a self-paced training program to learn to use your expanded consciousness.  The books are affordable, and they are really, really cool. There is nothing else like them.

Are there Cliffs Notes for Paul Selig books?

Yes. Every now and then, Paul channels a summary of the Guides' teachings for new students.

Here's a 15-minute video on Paul's Youtube channel that gives a concise summary of everything the Guides taught in the first nine books:  Attunements Explained


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