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Group Healing with Wording
First Sunday of Every Month
2 pm Pacific / 3 pm Mountain
4 pm Central / 5 pm Eastern
10 pm London / 7 am Sydney

Monthly Group Healing Sessions led by Experienced Worders

Participants can attend this session live on Zoom for $10 or by watching the replay on The Wording Kiosk YouTube Channel for free. Both Zoom attendees and YouTube viewers alike will engage energetically as you are led by a panel of experienced Worders to raise your vibration and perform a Group Intentional Healing Session with Wording.

What to expect:

These classes are 30 to 45 minutes long.

The class begins with introductions, a brief explanation, and a Wording Warmup.

Next is the Healing with Wording Session focused on a contemporary public issue. These sessions are intended to be proactive, to amplify the highest vibrational outcomes of our best intentions. The focus of intention for each month will be posted on the schedule below. Subscribe to our Email List to be emailed about future topics and panelists.

Next, the participants joining us live on Zoom will have the opportunity to unmute their mics and Request Personal Wording to heal a personal concern of their choice. The panelists will then direct the group Wording to amplify the highest vibrational outcome for these healing intentions.* 

Except for these audio requests, those joining us on Zoom will have their cameras and mics off while we record the session for YouTube.

After the recording stops, those joining us on Zoom will have the opportunity to turn on their cameras, ask questions, and engage in discussion with the panelists and participants.

How Do I Join the live session?

Book the class below, and the Zoom link will be emailed to you. 

Please join the class on time.  Late attendees may not be admitted after the Wording begins.

Monthly Sessions: About

* Medical Disclaimer:  All services and content provided by are for social networking and educational purposes only. We do not provide medical or health advice, counseling, treatment, or therapy of any kind. Our services should not be used as a substitute for consulting a professional healthcare provider.  See our Terms of Service for more information about our services.

Monthly Sessions: Text

Schedule 2023

All classes are at 2 pm Pacific / 3 pm Mountain / 4 pm Central / 5 pm Eastern


Sunday, May 7

Topic: School Safety from Gun Violence
Panelists: TBA


Sunday, June 4

Topic: TBA


Sunday, July 2

Topic: TBA


Sunday, August 6

Topic: TBA


Sunday, September 3

Topic: TBA


Sunday, October 1

Topic: TBA


Sunday, November 5

Topic: TBA


Sunday, December 3

Topic: TBA

Monthly Sessions: List
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