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The Wording Kiosk

Online Workshops and Collaboration for People who Work With I Am the Word channelings by Paul Selig. 

The Wording Kiosk is a virtual exercise studio where people use their expanded consciousness in creative ways.

What is Wording? Wording is a familiar term for the practice of using intentional focus and alignment of vibration to navigate consciousness and shape experience. To do this has been taught in wisdom traditions worldwide throughout history, providing countless methodologies and vocabularies for accomplishing the same thing. This website supports people using their expanded consciousness in this way, regardless of their commitment to a particular practice.

That said, an easy and fast way to learn Wording is in the series of books channeled by Paul Selig, beginning with I Am the Word. These books provide a modern vocabulary and a gradual pathway for learning how to become aware of and work with subtle-energy. These channeled teachings are analogous to the traditional philosophies of European-descended cultures, and people find them complementary to a variety of religious practices. The teachings are most similar to gnostic Christianity in their use of language and emphasis on practical self-knowledge and self-sovereignty. 

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New Year Sign

News for 2023!

January 1, 2023

1 - Small-Group Workshops are scheduled by request only.

2 - Large-Group sessions are Temporarily On Hiatus until more people train to do them by participating in a Small-Group Workshop.

3 - New Class Under Development: 

Demo Wording for Scientists & Academics

New Class Aug 7!

Demo Wording for Scientists & Academics

June 24, 2022

A sensory introduction for people curious about subtle-energy work

Student Behind the Books
Hands Up

New Video of Intro Class: Wording through War

May 13, 2022

Watch on Youtube and Word along with the replay to help amplify the group's intentional healing energy.

The next Large-Group Intentional Healing session is on Sunday, September 4. Sign up to join us on Zoom, and you can ask questions and join a discussion with the panelists.

Participate in a Wording Workshop monthly group for the opportunity to become a panelist for future Large-group sessions.

New Introductory Class:

Wording through War

May 1, 2022

Many of us felt the power of large-group Wording when The Guides recently demonstrated how to Word through the war in Ukraine.  Now it's time for us to do this ourselves.

Image by Sunguk Kim
Earth Projection

Wording Workshops for Different Time Zones

March 15, 2022

Starting in April, the new AM Groups are for worders in Europe and those who prefer a morning class.

The PM groups are for worders in North and South America who prefer an evening class.

The Wording Kiosk is on Youtube

March 4, 2022

Starting with two short videos that explain what we do in the Wording Workshop.

Image by Alexander Shatov
Group Hug

We're putting people together in 2022!

December 15, 2021

Wording Workshop Small groups start in January.  A new group starts every month.

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