Advent - 'Tis the Season

In Unity, New Thought teachings, we acknowledge the Christian tradition of Advent through metaphysical lenses. Actually, that’s the filter or frame we apply to all of the Christian teachings including the Bible.

This is the time, in our culturally Christian tradition, that we await and celebrate the birth of the Christ Consciousness or Divine Expression come to Earth in us and as us. What a perfect time to awaken to a new understanding of these teachings!

In addition to my background in Unity, I have also studied Integral Theory and how it is applied to cultural, spiritual, and personal development, so I’ll be sharing those perspectives as well. One of the foundational components of Integral Theory is that each stage of development is built by the process of including and then transcending the previous stages of development, thus creating the foundation on which to lift our understanding to the newer, higher expression. It’s an on-going process that creates a type of stability on which to evolve.

Because of my foundational approach, it made perfect sense to me that I didn’t have to “throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water” when the Guides showed up for me at my next stage of spiritual evolutionary growth. I could include my foundational Christian teachings and grow with them in consciousness and expression. The Guides speak a language that sounds quite familiar to me, and yet, they bring more of it to life for me as well.

I see such alignment with the teachings of the Guides through Paul to this Unity perspective that I have been astonished since day one!

My perspective on these teachings is informed by my spiritual path up to this point; and my path is as perfect for me as your path has been for you! For those of you who are triggered by the language of Christianity used by the Guides and those who are new to it, I hope you’ll bring that forward for unfoldment or unpacking with curiosity. I’d love to explore that with you. In fact, I believe that is why I have been following this path all along!

With this Blog, my desire and intention are to hold space for one another on this forum, to stay open to receive what is mine to receive, and also generously give what is mine to give. I have already received so much! I’m reminded of a phrase one of my fellow Prayer Chaplains uses, “It’s not just good that you’re here, it’s actually so much better because you’re here!” We have come. We have come. We have come! Behold, I make ALL things new!

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