Ambassadors of Love

Expressing as a healer is not about fixing anybody or anything but about holding thoughts of wholeness in your consciousness about the ones you see before you. It’s about radiating love with no strings attached because everybody is worthy of love. After all, the origin of the word healing is based on a word whose root means to make whole. To love unconditionally is healing to all.

"I Am Love through the ones I see before me.

I Am Love through the ones I see before me.

As you state this intention, you become an ambassador of love and the frequency of love is transmitted from your frequency to those you see before you." *

If God is Love, and God is expressing through us, as us, then in order to be the most Authentic Selves we can be, we must radiate who and what we are . . . and that is the frequency of Love. This is what brings the dismembered pieces and parts of society together into community . . . into communion of hearts and lives.

"I Am Love through the ones I see before me.

I Am Love through the ones I see before me.

This is a healing love. This is love that is held unconditionally and can only be offered as such. This is love in the truest sense. This is unconditional. There is no expectation of return on a personality level." *

We can each be an emissary, an ambassador of Love. Love gives us the power to lift Life to the Upper Room and re-see it through the eyes of the Divine. Each time we lift ourselves and then others to the Upper Room, we give all Creation the gift of Presence, the gift of Grace, the gift of Love. This transforms life and starts the flow of freedom moving once again.

"'I am love through the ones I see before me' is a gift of God and you are the emissary of this gift as you do this work. Your recognition of this on an experiential level will begin to transform you." *

Years ago I wrote a song which said, “return to love, because love is all there is.” It appeared simple: if God was all there was in the beginning, and God was Love, then of course, Love was all there is/was/will be. And if God made us, then that meant we were also made of love. Therefore, what we needed to remember was that’s who we are . . . Love, Love, Love. Love is the Who and the What we are in Truth.

It’s time now . . . time to let the Word ring in your energy fields with the resonance of Love, Grace, Truth, and Joy. Just because . . . just because that’s who you really are . . . always . . . eternally.

"And as you sing your song, 'I am Word. I am an aspect of the Creator in form,' you resonate in this, and the resonance of that is carried out as a beautiful note that will call to it the awakening of others. This is happening now, you have chosen it, and we stand beside you and sing your praises with you as you claim your truth:

'I am that I am. I am Word. I am Word. I am Word.'" **

*The Book of Love and Creation, page 287

**The Book of Love and Creation, page 388

Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels

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