An Invitation

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

My journal note read: "Now, Universe, we need someone to take Rigby and love him."

Such an open invitation to the Universe - or God or Source or whatever you want to call it - would not have been possible four years ago. Perhaps I would have prayed or requested of God such a thing, but with little hope of it happening. But an invitation is far different than a request. An invitation presumes connectivity, alignment. That is where I sit now.

Rigby is our 11 year old dog. He is a sweet, brown Chow-mix mutt with the brown eyes that will melt your heart. He is a rescue dog that we have loved and who has freely reciprocated that love for five years now. But my family will be moving from Hong Kong back to Wisconsin eight months from now and we can't take Rigby with us. He simply couldn't handle the 24-hour journey without experiencing trauma. So we must let him go. And that means finding a new family to love him.

There are myriad ways to do this, of course. Post online. Talk to everyone we know. Acting out of panic and desperation were definitely a part of the equation eleven years ago when we were in the exact same situation moving from Wisconsin to Asia. But that was a different time and place and a different me.

As is true of most any of us, I am here in this virtual space of "Working with I am the Word" because I have been on a spiritual journey. Mine began in my teen years but ramped up significantly when I hit 50 four years ago. It was at that point I met Katie. Katie was a guest speaker at a high school spirituality class taught by my colleague. She spoke about her many lives, something that I had never been exposed to as a Christian. But everything she said fascinated me, opened me up, and invited me to see answers to burning questions that I had been sitting with for years. Her very presence unlocked something in me - lifting me to a new level. I immediately invited her to my home to speak with her. It was there, after an intensive thirty minutes of mutual engaged conversation that she said, "Have you ever heard of Paul Selig?"

Words that changed my life.

Since then I have read and reread the works of the Guides as channeled through Paul (all eight published books), attended some live online Wednesday sessions and a five-day Intensive. Since then I have found a flow to my life that hadn't existed prior. And those stories will come in time, to be sure. I look forward to sharing them.

But back to Rigby. I quietly invited the Universe to send what we need. This trust - that what I need will come as I need it - is how I operate these days. It's like being Captain Picard walking through The Enterprise and every airlock door simply opens as you approach it. I am continuously amazed; but the frequency with which life unfolds seamlessly has built a strong foundation of trust and connection. And so, I was barely aware of the awesomeness of an off-handed comment from another colleague only days later: "I heard you have a dog you are looking to re-home. We would love to get a dog for our son Max. Can we come and meet him?"

It's not a done deal - yet. But it's looking promising, I must say. And even so, if not now, then when the time is right, I have every confidence Rigby will be well cared for. The Universe has got this.

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