And There Was Nothing

Updated: Jun 25

I sat down to write . . . and there was nothing . . . nada . . . zilch! I was sitting in my chair, looking out the window, enjoying the vibrancy of the trees, listening to the songs of the birds, and feeling the coolness of the morning breezes wafting in. I closed my eyes and waited . . . nothing. So I decided to allow the nothingness.

I felt at peace. Perhaps to rest in the nothingness of the morning was my purpose today. There was no reason to worry about words, action, or anything today. Just to rest, to be the empty vessel for the Who and What I Am in Truth . . . to know the truth of the statement, it's all good, it's all God. Resting, I can allow the How I Serve in Truth to manifest in Divine Right Order. What greater purpose could there be?

I rest, empty and full at the same time, ready to receive more emptiness. When you are the Word in action, you are everything and everything is you . . . space, emptiness, fullness . . . the inbreath and the outbreath . . . everything and yet nothing (or no thing). Just the Allness, God breathing me, with me, for me, through me, as me.

I allow the nothingness. I allow the inbreath and outbreath, and stand at the center where both meet . . . where time stands still . . . where peace is.

I allow . . .

In this moment that's my purpose.

God Is. God Is. God Is.

Cover and 1st Photo by Tatiana from Pexels

2nd Photo by KoolShooters from Pexels

3rd Photo by Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels

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