Are You Ready to Say No?

Updated: Jun 25

Oftentimes the Guides through Paul Selig direct the reader to say “Yes” in order to go forward and work with their energies. You first see it in the Prologue of I Am the Word (pg 25), and it’s repeatedly scattered throughout the other books and the livestreams. Anyone working with the materials will have said Yes and allowed the energy of the Guides and this collective into their personal energy field.

But what if there comes a time when your honest answer is No? In this blog post, I’ll tell you about when I came to such a time.

In online discussions over the past year, I’ve learned that many people know that they work with an array of multidimensional beings they call “guides,” both personal guides and the collective Guides (with a capital G) that they encountered as their teachers in the Paul Selig books. I had no such self-knowledge, so I did some inner explorations to find out. I connected to my higher self, and I invited all my guides and The Guides to visit me for a chat.

When I looked at (felt) the crowd of high-vibrational beings assembled before me, I could see that my personal guides occupied most of the space in my field of inner vision. The Guides only took up a fraction of the space, but they were much more talkative. It seemed to me that language-interface with humans is the Guides’ special skill, which makes a lot of sense since they do the spirit-side of channeling.

I asked them all what they wanted me to know. They “said” that The Guides had taught me how to work with multidimensional beings, and I should use what I learned from The Guides to work with my personal guides.

That made sense to me–to use what I learned as a new tool to do the things I want to do with my life. In my opinion, that’s why the teachings of the Guides through Paul Selig are narrow in scope. Progressive teachings use different metaphors and lead you through slightly different pathways. but they’re just different strategies to accomplish the same thing. I believe that this is deliberate so that what you learn from the teachings is just the starting point for your further individualized expression. I appreciate that the Guides don’t tell you what to do with what you learned.

With that in mind, I think it’s an artifact of the channeling process that the materials perpetually instruct a “Yes” connection. The content of each channeling session seems to be customized for the listening audience, and there has always been a listener. First, it was Victoria Nelson on the phone during the channeling of the first few books. Eventually, it was audiences on livestreams and in workshops that informed the channeled content. We can’t know exactly how the channeled content changes because of the audience, but we can deduce that when people pay money to enroll in a session, they’ve made an energetic investment to connect with this collective. The audience who shows up is already saying “Yes.”

So what happens when you’ve worked with the Guides to do the transformation that they teach, but now you’re ready to do something else with what you’ve learned?

The perpetual “Yes” directives, and occasional terms like “braided wills,” may make it seem like you’re stuck in this collective forever. But you’re not, those yeses are just what that particular channeling audience needed to hear. The Paul Selig books are relatively new additions to self-wisdom literature, so there are always new people finding them and signing up for the livestreams and workshops. Perhaps most audience members are at the beginning of their self-gnosis transformation with the Guides? Or perhaps they enjoy the familiar comfort of the collective energies? In any case, Paul is never going to channel for an audience of people who are ready to move on.

After the self-reflection I described at the beginning of this post, I realized that I want to use what I learned with the Guides to grow in new directions and to create in new ways. I realized that I want to do that without a commitment or obligation to this energetic collective, this teacher/student/service/client framework.

Also, it seems to me that the Guides through Paul Selig use real-time feedback from this collective to inform the content of Paul’s channelings. I decided that I wanted to withdraw my personal energy from contributing in this way. I don’t give my permission for that anymore, and I want to shed this unnecessary obligation.

At this point, it feels like I’m sticking my neck out to say No. But from my perspective, these teachings just provide a novel entry point for learning the skills of Wording and witnessing that have been taught and practiced in wisdom traditions all over the world for centuries.

I believe that the Guides’ teachings are designed for the student to form a temporary relationship with this collective, then to quit being a student. In fact, in the last workshop I attended in Topanga, CA, in 2014, the Guides said that they wish for us to not need to attend workshops in the future. The Epilogue to the book Alchemy conveys the same message.

However, the teachings offer sequential attunements for saying Yes. In order to energetically say No and disconnect, I realized that I’d have to create the attunement myself. So that’s what I did. I’m sharing it here for others to use if you feel so inclined.

An Attunement to Withdraw from the Guides’ Collective

On this day, I choose to release myself from my connection with the Guides as channeled by Paul Selig. In the past, I have said Yes to this connection, but I know myself as Free, and now I say No. In my Freedom, I know that I can reconnect by saying “Yes” and “Welcome” again if I so choose.

As I now say No, the energies of the Guides through Paul Selig and their associated Collective are removed from my field and return to them, just as my energies are removed from their fields and return to me. I am Word through this intention.


I know who I am.

I know what I am.

I know how I serve.

I am Word through my knowing of myself as Sovereign.

I am Word through my knowing of myself as Free.



When this blog post was first published, it created a stir in the Facebook group, so I wrote these additional comments to provide more clarity.

From the reports I hear about the recent livestream series entitled Change, the Guides through Paul are currently teaching to release the fear of letting go of your reliance on known structures. There may come a time when you need to let go of your reliance on the structures created by these channelings. That’s one of the reasons I wrote this blog post and this attunement to withdraw from what I call the Guides’ Collective. I know this post isn’t for everyone. I did my best to explain this and to give a voice to people who don’t participate in the livestreams, yet still Work With I Am the Word and everything else they learned from the Guides and other teachers.

I will add that since the pandemic put everything online, the culture of this Facebook group has been dominated by people who attend the livestreams, and some of them are showing themselves to be intolerant of the idea that there are other perspectives. Working With I Am the Word has a broader, more diverse population here than just those who are committed to following Paul and the Students of the Guides.

I am trying to make the group inclusive to people who follow the livestreams AND people who don’t. The group has changed over the past year because of the constant availability of livestreams since covid. You should know that I appreciate the books (especially the first three), yet never gained much benefit from the livestreams (I only sign up occasionally out of curiosity). To me, it looks like the livestream audience has a significant number of people who have become attached to following Paul like an oracle, and it’s looking more like a religion or a cult than it did pre-pandemic.

The livestreams are expensive too - around $2000/year for people who attend everything online - and that’s had an impact on this group. I don’t have any data on this, but it’s my impression that people who spend more on the livestreams also post more here. That means people with money to spare have more influence on our group culture, and I suspect that the amplification of i