Be Still and Know

“Be Still and Know.” Ahh, that was in my consciousness today. I’ve always loved the quiet, the silence, probably because I grew up one of six kids on a farm, where the only quiet you got was late at night when everyone was asleep. Even today, I cherish the late-night silence after my husband retires, and I can breathe and relax into my own inner and outer space, no longer pulled by all the wants and needs of the external world.

When I was a music minister, one of my favorite songs was one I learned from a Unity songbook called, In the Silence . . . In the silence, there is a sacred place, a secret hiding place, love is there, peace is there, God is there. These were words and ideas to ponder, to hum and hold within my heart. They had a consciousness that held Truth . . . and I knew they held Truth, because I could feel it in my heart . . . not in my head . . . but in my heart. Be Still and Know.

Still, there were days when I would get caught up in the rush-rush-rush of an endless parade of people and an infinite drone of constant noise. One learns to block it out, but the noise was there in the background, obstructing the ability to truly listen to all levels of creation. We need quiet and silence to regenerate, to listen to ourselves, to listen within ourselves and hear our Authentic Selves speak . . . to hear the Divine speak. Be Still and Know.

A friend of mine and I used to tell each other when we would get caught up in the busyness of life, to be the eye of the hurricane, the still point . . . to just be. Today, I know that eye of the hurricane is the I or the I AM of the hurricane, the center of God-Source as me, the What the Guides talk about when they encourage us to claim: “I know What I AM in Truth.” Be Still and Know.

When you claim the What, you are claiming the Presence of God as you, the Word made flesh. This is the Truth you come to know in the silence, in the quiet . . . in the stillness when you allow yourself to settle in and truly feel the energy in your heart, feeling the energy of the claim, “I Am in my Love.”* So wherever you are, whatever you are doing, remember the Truth of your Self, breathe gently into your heart space, and . . . Be Still and Know.

God Is. God Is. God Is.

*Book of Love and Creation

Photo Copyright © 2020 Melissa Higginbotham. All rights reserved.

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