Being Alone Does Not Equal Loneliness

Dear One,

The last month has been quite triggering for you, hasn't it. Being in the midst of this pandemic and global upheaval, you are all also working through your own reckonings that can no longer be hidden behind external soothings and distractions.

Loneliness and depression came out and you are working through it. You are remembering that being alone does not mean you are lonely. Loneliness cannot be soothed by external remedies in the long run. Yes, you can reach out to feel connected through friends, or maybe finding a partner will help you soothe that, but ultimately, none of that can sustain you forever and ever because they are not the source of what will solve your loneliness.

Society conditioning has painted a picture that seems to sell you the remedy to the feeling of loneliness - if you just get married, find your life partner, and if you're lucky - perhaps this person is your soulmate, then finally - you won't have to go through life alone. But that is just one very limited narrative of many of the options that are out there. You have to remember that. There are also people who are married and lonely and there are also people who are single and living in a fulfilled and loving life.

Loneliness is ultimately not solved through these external connections. What happens when your friends change and shift? What happens if your partner decides to leave you? What happens when your family members pass away? This is not to say you might not feel pain when these things happen, but that you also do not let it consume you completely. You are not co-dependent.

Ultimately, true connection comes when you finally connect with yourself again.

The loneliness you feel is because you forget to fill your own cup.

To give yourself the attention you seek, the love you seek and the care you seek. And finally, to remember that what you seek, is within you.

And only then, can you never feel depleted, because the source within is infinite, and abundant.

Let the source of us fill you with love. Feel it, receive it, and know it is always here. Even when you stray away and get lost, we will be here waiting unwaveringly.



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