Call For Writers

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Are you a student becoming a master? Do energetic interpretations help you make sense of the world? How are you using your life? What is normal for you?

The Working With I Am the Word website is accepting applications to be a contributing writer for our blog.

We're looking for people with significant experience and confidence doing energetic work and using the I Am the Word techniques found in the books by The Guides channeled by Paul Selig. We want our blog to reflect the experience of diverse individuals who are using the work in their lives while cultivating energetic awareness and habits.

Blog Posts should have a compelling title and be 300 to 1000 words of well-crafted writing. We ask contributors to commit to writing a set number of posts over a three-month period.

If you would like to apply, please submit the application form on the website (link in the menu bar), and one of our editors will contact you.

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