Christmas Magic

Every Christmas Eve as I was growing up, I loved to stay awake after everyone else had gone to bed. I would gaze into the dancing flames in the fireplace, embraced by the stillness of the air around me, and just be. No thoughts, no dreams, just an eternal stretching of time, punctuated only by the flying of sparks from the blazing logs and the twinkling of the Christmas tree lights. It felt magical to me, a meditative space opening up between time into which I slid effortlessly . . . a doorway into a place of peace and grace. It was my own Christmas magic. I always felt that at this time of year, that I should be able to snap! my fingers . . . and magic would happen.

Eventually magic did happen. One day during meditation, I had an inner initiation where I was given a Chalice and told this was the Cup of Christ Consciousness. Eventually I understood that my spirit was learning about . . . or remembering . . . Christ Consciousness, my Eternal and Authentic Self.

Drinking of the Cup of Christ Consciousness became synonymous with being in accord with God-Source. And in aligning with God-Source, I step across the threshold of creation and the Inner Christ Fire ignites: God Is, I AM. I think it’s the best Christmas present I’ve ever received: the Gift of Presence, the Christ Presence.

Every Christmas now, I celebrate the rebirth of the remembering of the Christ Consciousness. And when I offer communion, as I give someone “The Cup,” it’s the Chalice, the Holy Grail, or The Cup of Christ Consciousness I offer them. That’s the consciousness that goes forth as my intentional prayer with the celebration of remembrance.

I still remember the dancing flames in the fireplace, but the memory has been overlaid by the images of the Holy Fire. The Divine Flame reminds me of the Inner Temple and how it is our sacred duty to tend the Inner Christ Consciousness Flame as the Guides state in Alchemy*:

“You become the flame that ignites others, and as you are consumed by this flame, in its holy fire, what is burned away is the dross of the old. Now, this is the gift of this day, and this day instead of prior days when we may have spoken of flame or fire. This ordination is to the great blaze, the great fire that is Spirit—Holy Spirit, if you wish—as manifest through each of you.”

They go on to say:

“We stand before you each, wherever you may be, and the flame within us ignites the flame within you. And as you say yes to this, you become the fire, the fire of love, the ignited Divine that seeks to lift the world to its precious light. You Have Come. You Have Come. You Have Come.”

Christmas magic . . . it is happening now. It is the remembrance of the Christ within.

I have come. I have come. I have come!

*Alchemy, Chapter 7, Day 22, Pages 224-225

Photo by Alex Lázaro from Pexels

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