Dreaming of Thresholds and Doorways

As winter’s song arrives, the light takes on a silvery, numinous, otherworldly quality. My steps slow down; and I yearn for more quiet time, seeking ways to retreat more often into my inner self. As the earth lays quietly sleeping, bedded down for the winter, I become more reflective, more introspective. The crisp nights with sparkling stars, the first frost, and the softness of the first rains . . . all propel me towards what I can only describe as thresholds, those places that stand at the edge of doorways. The very energy of the Earth and the seasons make it easy to dream during these times, and my dreams and meditations are full of doorways and thresholds.

In ancient times, the old Celtic calendar had eight parts of the year, including the solstices and equinoxes, which they called hinges. I find this interesting, since a hinge is the device which allows a door to swing back and forth. Hinges allow us to cross through doorways into another room, another season, another dimension, or another level of consciousness.

Together we travel and journey up the mountain. As we pass through different doorways of consciousness and align to ever-increasing levels of frequency, we receive different gifts of Presence. One gift may bring alive the fire of transformation and the strength and freedom transformation brings. Another perhaps leads to the joy of knowing the Presence of God in life celebrations. We see doorways opening for so many as they set the intention to learn . . . and release . . . the lessons of the past. And as we witness, we are reminded, once again, that there is no end to the Infinite, Eternal Source . . . God.

As you pause and reflect on your own inner journeys, take a moment to breathe and feel gratitude. The foundation of gratitude is Grace, and the energy of Grace is what arises to help you over thresholds, through doorways, and into the depths of your inner Self.

Then bless all your teachers, (including yourself) and take this blessing on your journey, spiraling into the ever-deepening beloved heart of love inside you, knowing as it gets dark outside, all you have to do is switch on the light . . . within.

“The road before you is a long road, and the path is laid each day in consciousness.”*

* Alchemy, Chapter 8, page 241

Photo Copyright © 2020 Melissa Higginbotham. All rights reserved.

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