Find the Others

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

“Find the others,” Katie said to me. We were sitting at an outdoor table on my school campus in the beautiful warm sun of a Hong Kong winter’s day in 2017. Little did I realize the impact of those three words.

“Find the others.”

Although I had always been an active Christian church member, I had primarily perceived my spiritual journey to be singularly my own. My adult life had been spent mostly in the company of students, colleagues, and friends who were also colleagues. We were intellectuals experiencing life intellectually. But the notion of a spiritual community of this nature was brand new. Katie and I connected in an instant, and I found myself realizing that I had discovered a soul sister. In two hours, we had chatted for what seemed like a brief, beautiful moment about “life, the universe, and everything” (to quote Douglas Adams).

Until these three simple words, it had never occurred to me that there even were “others” to find. I thrilled at the thought of discussing the nature of being, soul, ascension, death, purpose, and all of it, with others on a similar path. Where would I find these “others”?

And then, with very little effort, and ever so slowly “the others” began to appear. I had already found myself engaged in amazing discussions with Marty, one of the religion teachers at my school. Before long he was sharing one resource after another for me to read and expand my spiritual understanding.

Additionally, Katie had mentioned this channeller named Paul Selig. The next thing I knew, I was reading all his channeled books, attending workshops, and joining a Facebook group called “Working with I am the Word.'' This, in turn, helped me to discover a Monday morning group led by Lisa and attended by David Hall (another contributor here). For several months I tuned into Zoom from 6 - 7 AM to delight in a loving and connected discussion about the Guides' messages. Oddly enough, this somehow led to the planned start up of the and a call for contributing bloggers. I thrilled at the idea and immediately applied. Now I have an entire community from around the world all connected in the frequency of love. So many “others” had seamlessly entered my life.

Not only that, just as the world was shutting down and isolating due to Covid, Katie invited me to a new group of like-hearted women who had created a Power of 8 group and were meeting online. Suddenly I found a whole cadre of soul sisters ready to support one another through prayerful intentions each week.

More recently, my spiritual journey has led me to connect members of my immediate family, my childhood, my early days of teaching, my Power of 8 group, my WWIATW group, and my present teaching colleagues all because of our shared curiosity about “life, the Universe and everything.” (We use Zoom, of course!)

As the Guides have moved us from Knowing “who I am, what I am, and how I serve” to the collective nature of the “Upper Room,” they have in essence shifted us from an awareness of ourselves as separate (and singular) to unified. The Guides use the terms Monad or Christ Consciousness to express this oneness of all. In the Upper Room we know who we are in Truth. We are One. Nothing is held in darkness or separation. In Beyond the Known: Realization, we are told, “As you align to the Divine. . . what you are being claimed in, in the Upper Room, is, in fact, the authority to transform the legacy of humanity from separation, self-imposed isolation from its Source, into union” (p.190).

“Find the others,” Katie said. With gratitude, I have. You are here. You are here. You are here.

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