How the Guides Found Me!

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow I registered for a live Paul Selig workshop in Austin mid-2019. I opened my email and noticed that I had received a confirmation to attend this workshop, but I didn’t even remember signing up for it! I had never heard of Paul Selig, and so was very curious about it. I looked him up on YouTube and was even more certain I had not signed up for this. I don’t have anything against channeling, but it’s not “my thing,” and Paul’s video was kind of hard to watch and follow. Something made me research further, and I was surprised that I had actually paid $100 to attend! I really didn’t remember doing that at all.

I have to laugh now because the Guides knew I probably wouldn’t go if I hadn’t already made a financial investment. I don’t do that easily, and it was the main reason I KNEW I was supposed to be at that workshop. “The ONE you seek is seeking YOU!”

OK, I’ve had enough “serendipitous” experiences in my life, and I’m VERY familiar with how Spirit works for my greatest good, so I just said, “OK, I guess I’m going to the workshop.” I phoned a friend to share this, my latest “weirdly woo woo” happening, and she didn’t ask any questions or hesitate. She just said, “I’m going with you!”

I saw a couple of other folks I knew at the workshop, and that also confirmed to me that I was following my right guidance. The group was small by Austin’s standards for this sort of thing, and it felt like a “divine appointment,” a gathering with a purpose beyond the obvious. I stayed open to receive what was mine to receive. Just open and curious, without expectations, is how I would describe my approach.

One of the people there was a former client of mine from when I practiced an energy modality known as Higher Brain Living. Through this energy modality, he had experienced a profound energetic opening. I asked him what he knew about this guy, Paul Selig, and he said he had been following the Guides for some time. This was another “God-wink” to me to “stay open,” which I did.

Attending the workshop, I was struck by the messages coming through Paul because they resonated with me as a student of metaphysical Christianity. New Thought, Unity teachings, Integral Theory, and Spiral Dynamics—these were my foundations and served me as “connectors” to the teachings.

I came to this work with enough of a Christian background to recognize what I was hearing, so I didn’t have any resistance to the language. My ears perked up, attuning to that ONE NOTE which resonated clearly in me, and I could see it was resonating in others too. I felt like I did when I traveled in Italy, not knowing Italian, but fluent in Spanish. The Latin base these two languages shared gave me a sense of familiarity for navigating the new territory. I also translated for my traveling companions! I got some things wrong, of course, but I was eager and willing to use what I knew and to learn more.

I understand that at certain stages of cultural development we can be confused by thinking that the map or way-shower IS the territory, or that the teacher is the message. I love the way the Guides, through Paul, repeatedly point us in the direction of the message when most of us could easily get distracted or hooked by the messenger. That has been amazing to witness! There’s a subtlety to this that we are being attuned to discern. We’re being gently and lovingly guided back to our own TRUE knowing on so many levels.

I am open to the possibility that the I Am the Word teachings are a bridge or, better yet, an escalator for humanity’s growth and evolution. Can we find a passage through? Can we “include and transcend” the cultural divide in which the “spiritual, but not religious” movement of hungry souls has emerged?

Most of us in the West were raised in a predominantly Judeo-Christian culture that has, in many ways, failed to keep up with the rapid expansion of our expression of consciousness. The shadow of those traditions has been gaining traction, stagnating in unsustainability to the point of being pathological in some ways. In consequence, the pursuit of esoteric wisdom has been either completely rejected or destructively segregated from mainstream culture. Originally, however, that was the path of the mystics and the contemplatives; and some of their teachings may have been lost or misused.

Somewhere along the way, it might seem as if we have lost the thread of Truth in the divine unfoldment of our “great world religious traditions.” My studies of Spiral Dynamics and Integral Theory confirm this as well, giving me additional lenses to “re-see” and attempt to pick that thread back up.

After the live workshop, I purchased the first book and the most recent one, which was at that time,was Beyond the Known: Realization. I thought that between these two books, I’d figure out what this was all about. (cue the laugh-track)

As I started the first book, I felt an intense urge to read the words out loud to myself. Of course, I was actually experiencing them in frequency! (Check out Cymatics online if you want to see experiments that illustrate this.)

I ordered the paperbacks, downloaded the Kindle versions, purchased the audio tracks; each one a different experience and ALL made new again and again!

As I read, I felt like I was getting a BIG affirmation to all that I had experienced and studied up to this point. I was getting ready for another major leap in understanding and integration.

I’m loving the community that is forming around these teachings and the inspiration I am receiving to write and share. Thank you for that!

The teachings have captured my attention, and I’m along for the ride.

I hope you’ll comment with your stories of how you found the Guides. I am fascinated by these! Maybe your story is more like mine, how the Guides found you!