How To Not Fear Decision Making

Dear One,

You are standing there, looking at yourself, and facing your fears of the unknown.

You are being so careful in making your choices right now, and we congratulate you in in practicing your discernment. Asking yourself when you claim yourself each day - is this coming from a place of love? is this coming from a place of fear? Am I hiding, or am I showing up?

However, sometimes it is the small self asking, and the small self cannot discern or hear the truth when it is in the driver seat, because the small self asks in fear, and can only receive fearful responses.

We know this, because the higher self is not afraid to make choices, irrespective of how things unfold.

Do not be afraid of making choices. You are standing there, making pro and con lists, questioning yourself and trying to predict the outcome of what is unpredictable and beyond your control. Trust yourself to know, and align to the higher self that is always safe.

And while sometimes you might fall down or feel pain in the choices you make, do not condemn yourself for your choice, and know it is all in perfection. Trust yourself to be strong, brave, and loved and held unconditionally no matter what happens. Do not be afraid of the unknown, surrender yourself to it and allow the universe to show you what is beyond your imagination.

What if you knew....

You could never get things wrong.

Everything is an opportunity.

You are never a failure.

You are always on your right path.

So trust, dear one, trust in yourself, and trust that you will know what to do when the time comes. You don't need to be anywhere else than where you are, and trust you will be received when the time comes.



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