I Am in My Love

‟‛I am in my love.’ This is a simple statement. To state that you are in your love activates you as your frequency in the field of love.”

‟‛I am in love’ states that you are in the frequency of love.”*

We spend so much of our lives wanting to love, wanting to be in love, wanting to be loved, yet not understanding that you can’t really get away from love. Love after all, is the frequency of Creation, the frequency of God-Source, the frequency of All-That-Is.

Actually, then, on some level, it’s funny to say “I fell out of love.” Because you can’t! If love is the frequency of the universe, of God-Source, you can NEVER . . . I repeat NEVER! . . . fall out of love. What you can do is fall out of alignment with a person, place, or thing . . . no longer be in accord with them. But God is always in love with you . . . because It loves ItSelf! And you are Its Self, in form, the Word made flesh . . . the What I Am in Truth. I know Who and What You are in Truth, and you can radiate this Truth, this Love, by claiming the Truth and Love of your being for yourself:

‟I am in my knowing of myself as love. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”**

The bottom line? You’re stuck, forever and ever . . . in the love of God-Source. Can’t get away, are enveloped, wrapped, supported, eternally loved. So, claim the inevitable. Claim your destiny!

‟I am now accepting myself as being carried forth in unity through my life knowing and being into this sea of love. And I express myself in my knowing of this as so. And I now say this is so because I am in my knowing. I am letting myself become what I am: a frequency of the Divine Love that wants to say, ‘I am Word.’”***

You have a mission now, a path . . . to go forward and express as the love you are and have always been. In The Book of Love and Creation, we are given a claim to help manifest this:

‟I am in my knowing of myself as love, and I am inhabiting this choice through all of my knowing, doing, and being. I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word.”****

God Is. God Is. God Is.

*The Book of Love and Creation, page 29, paragraph 3.

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**** The Book of Love and Creation, page 290, first quote.

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