I Am the Sword of Truth

Someone asked a question on Facebook the other day, and I thought to myself, “ah, I think it’s in THE BOOK OF TRUTH.” So off I went to my bookshelf to thumb through all the bookmarks in that book, looking for the answer to that person’s question. As I scanned over all the highlighted areas, my attention went to page 129, where the Guides say,

“Now the current of truth in all ways claims a path for you because what you see is not in illusion. And who you see is as they truly are as what they are, the manifested Divine. We are working with the vibration of truth and the sword of truth, if you wish to say it, to reclaim all things in their proper way, their true way, so you may know yourself in their accord.”

Now why did I highlight the words, sword of truth?

Many years ago I was given a sword of truth in a meditation. I remembered this while reading THE BOOK OF TRUTH, but I was so into reading the book that I just highlighted it. I thought to myself that I would come back to it later.

Now, upon rereading this passage, I had a jaw drop, a lightning bolt moment! I suddenly understood I really had been given meaningful information decades ago. But the information was now coming back around for me to look at and understand at a higher level of meaning.

You see, in 1992 when I was first ordained as a minister, I was also having this inner initiation during the ceremony, where I was given a crystal sword. I was told this sword was a sword of truth. I was given a whole lesson on truth . . . that truth was who I really was at the core of my being, and it didn’t matter what I had done in my life. I could release all the stuff and clear my energy fields, and claim this Inner Self. So for many years, the sword of truth was an external symbol that I used to remind myself of staying true to the Authentic Self. I even had an artist paint me a picture of a sword (she called it Excalibur of course), that I could hang up in my meditation room, to remind me of Truth.

I had now come full circle and the sword of truth was back in my life. But instead of an external symbol, I could see that the sword of truth was my core . . . the hilt up through my head, the cross-guard through my arms, and the blade down through my body into the earth. The sword was not a form of metal, but was pure energy, pure vibration.

Then another thought came to me . . . that in the Bible, when the Master says, “I come as a sword,” it wasn’t as something to hurt, not a weapon, but as the vibration of truth. Previously I hadn’t understood that passage, but now I did. Through radiating the vibration of truth, all illusion falls away . . . and only Truth remains.

One of my daily practices now is to claim the vibration of Truth as Who I Am . . . not just in the claims, “I know Who I Am in Truth. I know What I Am in Truth. I know How I Serve in Truth.” But now I also add

I Am the Vibration of Truth.

I Am the Sword of Truth.

Word I Am Word.

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