I Broke Down and Cried Today

I broke down and cried today. Everything just seemed to weigh heavily on my heart: one family member just diagnosed with CV-19, a close friend soon to pass, the strangeness of not having anyone to talk with face-to-face of things close to my heart . . . or just of life in general. So, I allowed myself to have a major pity party. And you know what? It was sooooo cleansing.

Now many would say, well you just dropped in vibration. Perhaps so . . . or not. Because I cried in total awareness of what I was doing. I knew I needed to get the accumulated energy out of my body. There was going to be a livestream later that evening, and I could feel the frequency already building. My head was beginning to hurt, my stomach was nauseous, and I felt so cranky, depressed, and sad . . . and this heaviness around my heart . . . well I had to do something. So I imagined a Flame in my center, what I call the Christ Flame, or the Divine Flame, or sometimes I call it the Transmuting Flame. It matters not what you call it, only that it has a purpose, an intent. And with great knowingness and intent I invoked Divinity; I claimed my Truth:

I Am Word through my body. Word I Am Word.

I Am Word through my vibration. Work I Am Word.

I Am Word through my knowing of myself as Word.

I Am Free. I Am Free. I Am Free!

I Am in the Upper Room. I have come! I have come! I have come!

I see with the eyes of the Christ! Behold, I make all things new!

It will be done!

God Is. God Is. God Is.

Then I asked Spirit to send in the Healing Streams of Grace to flow into and through me and transmute all my misqualified, misdirected, and misaligned energies into Divine Christ(os) energies now! And I exhaled everything into that Flame at my center. And I allowed Grace to come into my heart and expand out into my body physical and out into my energetic field all the way out to my soul capsule. And I could feel the lightness of being happen, as my breathing got easier and my heart felt cleaner and lighter. And my smile returned.

Yes, I broke down and cried today. It was therapeutic. Sometimes I scream at God (my pillow is oftentimes my best friend). But you see, God as me is my best friend, and Source understands that sometimes you need to scream and cry to give an energetic cleansing push to clear out all the muck and grime. Transformation is hard work; and you stumble a lot going up that mountain. I have learned that when I fall on my face, to do it with style and Grace. Then rise and once again stand, and breathe, and sing, and smile, and dance . . . as the Christ.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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