I Placed My Bowl of Light on the Altar

I placed my Bowl of Light on the altar. Gently setting it down, I take a moment to breathe. I inhale the luminescence into my heart . . . the radiance spilling over from the outer bowl of light, a symbol for the Inner Light within. Tonight, I hold vigil.

As we each hold vigil, we hold the door of consciousness open that all may enter. Quietly, we stand by the open door, allowing the sound of the “What I Am in Truth” to silently sing through our vibration. We hear the song of the "How I Serve in Truth," and the gentle resonant tone allows our inner Bowls of Light to fill and spill over into the collective luminescence of humanity. The Light rises as we join hands in consciousness and lift to the next octave of expression.

There are many ways to express the light within. We hear about the Eternal Spark, the Inner Flame, and in ancient Hawaiian teachings, the Bowl of Light. The Bowl of Light was a gift from your immortal spiritual soul, and each one of us comes into the world with this gift of light which nourishes us and sustains us as we journey through life. However, as we do things that deny the Divine, our bowl fills up with stones which dims the light. One day we start to wake up and make the decision to dump out the stones! Then we start over, and begin to live our lives with more awareness, and start honoring the light within.

We honor the Bowls of Light on our altars each night, as we claim our Truth in the Who We are in Truth, What we are in Truth, and How we Serve in Truth. In our claims, we align, and are in accord, in a chord of Harmony of Peace and Love, singing the One Song of the Word. The Guides recently stated in a livestream that we are all vessels of the teachings we embody, and by doing so we illumine the darkness. In our inherent divinity we make the claim, “God Is, God Is, God Is . . . and the darkness is refuted . . . and reclaimed.*

The Winter Solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year, arrives on 21 December. The shortest day and longest night, where in ages past people thought the light would never return. But as each of us acknowledges our Bowls of Light on the altar of our Inner Divine Self, allowing the Divine Light to rise . . rise . . . rise . . . and become the Truth of Who We Are, we can light the way for others to find their way back to the light . . . back to their own Bowls of Light.

I placed my Bowl of Light on the altar tonight. I placed it down and breathed a holy, grace-filled moment. I now stand vigil . . . and I sing the Truth of the Word for the world, holding the door of consciousness open that all may enter. The sound of the “What I Am in Truth” silently sings through the harmonics of time, and our inner Bowls of Light fill and flow over into the collective radiance of humanity as we join hands in a symphony of song and lift all creation to the next octave of expression.

God Is . . . God Is . . . God Is.

*Revolution, An Intensive Workshop, Day 1,10 December 2020

Photo Copyright © 2020 Melissa Higginbotham. All rights reserved.

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