Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Dear One, Thank you for your patience with your own impatience.

It's feels like a c o n s t a n t b a t t l e isn't it?

Being annoyed at yourself for being annoyed in the place. Judging yourself for the judgements you make on yourself. Doubting yourself on the doubts you have upon your own intuition.

Chasing after enlightenment, which eludes the chaser.

But remember, our patience for you is always infinite. We will never lose sight of who you are, what you are, and how you serve. We will always embrace you with love, even at the lowest you think you are at. And Know My Beloved:


K n o w


that even when you don't see the progress,

That doesn't mean it is not happening. That doesn't mean you are not evolving. There are many things that are wondrous that you don't comprehend or understand from your perspective. And what you can't see does not mean it is not happening.

Just because you tend to focus on the negative in the moment, you forget how far you have come, and that you ARE g r o w i n g, loving, and evolving in ever lasting perfection.

Just as you continue to breathe without effort, the universe continues to expand, and the sun continues to shine, and you continue to evolve in the most beautiful effervescent light there is. xoxo, Pauletta

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