Let Go and Allow Part I: GOD IS

The following is part one of a series of articles that serve as a foundation to aid in the understanding of the teachings of the Guides as manifested through Paul Selig. I hope that it serves as a primer to deciphering the words and language used in the books that often have preconceptions in religious teachings.

“Man know thyself; and thou shalt know the universe and God” ~Pythagoras

Most of the world believes in a God of some type. Most see God as the Creator, a Heavenly Father, some as a Heavenly Mother. Newer age teachings sometimes refer to God as the Source, Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Intelligence or Unity Consciousness. In religious circles some believe these terms to be incorrect or limiting in scope. In many ways this is true but not in the way they might think.

Any definition we attribute to that which we call God is limiting. That is what a definition does—It discriminates between this and that and gives name to an idea. Anything that is not the idea in definition is excluded. This in turn perpetuates the idea of separation from God and limits our understanding of Who and what God is.

Whatever is our perception of God, we tend to project our fears into those attributions. If things aren’t going my way then God must be punishing me. If we disobey, God will be angry. If we worship idols then God will be jealous. I have not received the blessings that I’ve asked for, so God must hate me. We use these examples to justify judgement and the subsequent denial of the Divine in ourselves and in others. This limits our ability to realize the higher Self within.

In truth, the denial of God in others or yourself does not make it so. No amount of disbelief or deception can change what is true. I can operate from the position that God has no place in me and make decisions under that premise. But this can only be done in ignorance.

“The moment you decide for your fellows who and what she should be, you must know, once again, you are in deceit and you are dirtying the window of your perception.”

~the Guides through Paul Selig. The Book of Knowing and Worth, page 255

One of the biggest opportunities offered to us by the Guides is the freedom to know God in a new way. As we articulate the following words we claim our knowing and worth:

“I am witnessing God in all the creations I see before me. There is nothing that I would exclude, that I would name as outside of God. There is no structure, there is no thing, that I would claim unworthy of love.”

“And as you lift this, you lift your vibration, you lift your world, and you live a life in accordance with your own wisdom as the one who may know the kingdom.”

~the Guides through Paul Selig. The Book of Knowing and Worth, page 248

As we claim our knowing and worth, and proclaim “God is,” we are claiming the Divine in all things including all people. This moves our perceptions closer to what is real and unchanging. By doing this we overcome the veil of deceit that inspires us to judge and deem ourselves unworthy. This is to claim the kingdom of God on earth.

“The manifestation of God as man is the kingdom made manifest. Do you hear our words? The manifestation of God in man is the kingdom made manifest. … Now damn yourselves all you want to. Unforgive yourselves all you believe you must. That does not change a thing. You are still worthy, you are still worthy, you are still loved.” ~the Guides through Paul Selig. The Book of Knowing and Worth, page 221

Now it is easy to claim the Divine in the one we see who is selfless and loves unconditionally. What about those who act selfishly? What about those who are playing the role of perpetrator?

“Now, when you ask us questions—'But there are horrible things in the world, things that cannot be understood, places where God seems to have forgotten itself’—you are reminding yourself of humanity’s choice to deny God, to deny the holy in others, to deny the holy in the land, to deny God in preference … of separation.”

~the Guides through Paul Selig. Beyond the Known: Alchemy, page 51

The denial of God in man is not God’s doing. But men and women are allowed to deny God through their agency. We must be careful not to project our fear upon the identity we attribute to God.

God is, God is, God is. Allow this and know.

In the next article we’ll explore Christ consciousness.

Image by James Chan from Pixabay

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