Let Go and Allow part II: Christ Consciousness

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The content of this article is in no way meant to diminish the teachings or role of Jesus Christ as spoken of in the Holy Bible. I simply wish to reiterate the message of the Guides as they speak of the Christ in Consciousness and our role in unity with Christ, as can be expressed in our daily lives. With this understanding and expression comes the profound peace that all things are unfolding according to the infinite plan of the Creator for the purpose of exalting man and woman to their highest level of being.

The Christ as you

“Now we don’t mean this in a heretical way. We mean this in the most truthful way available to you. The aspect of the Creator that may be manifested in form is how we talk of the Christ. And the Christ as you, as you, as you is the teaching of this text. Can man be Christ? Man is Christ but has not awakened to it. The awakening that we speak of is the inheritance of the Creator born in each and every individual awakened to his own worth, to her own worth, as a manifestation of the Creator in form.”

~the Guides through Paul Selig. The Book of Knowing and Worth (p.3)

The religious aspect of Christ or Christ teachings is not necessarily the focus that the Guides point towards in their texts. However, they do point us in the direction of the One who is the biblical Christ as the example we may look to for understanding and direction as to what it means to be the Monad or the Divine manifested in the flesh.

Their teachings add another layer to our understanding of Christ in that we all play a part in the unification of humanity as we are all one through Christ or through the realization of our true selves.

Who will save us?

The profound part of this idea is that rather than looking outside of ourselves for salvation, our inward presence and focus brings us to the realization of what always is. And what always is, is our divine nature and inherent worth. Sometimes we look to the future to save us from our present circumstances believing that all will be well once we get that one thing we desperately need. Other times we may look to the past to relive the “glory days,” wishing that our present could be as meaningful. Sometimes we put our hope in one person or thing to save us from the unbearable moments we’d rather not have to endure.

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The end to suffering

As we realize ourselves in Christ consciousness or the Monad, we become the instrument of our salvation. Not in the biblical sense as in from sin, but from the perception of suffering. As the Monad, we are the being that loves unconditionally, has compassion, and seeks to uplift others through service. These actions are not coerced or put upon us through obligation or guilt, but are a natural byproduct of our willingness to let go of the small self, which is defined by egoistic expression. Love is the only true expression. All else is a distortion of this truth. Fear is not a thing of itself but a perceived measurement of separation away from love.

The reward is the kingdom

With this understanding, our life’s journey takes us away from living in survival, and although at times we may experience pain, there is no more suffering, which is an idea of the mind.

As we let go of the small self and allow ourselves to be known as of Christ, where the image of Christ is expressed in our countenance, the reward becomes the kingdom. We begin to see heaven on earth because of our claim that all is of God.

“The manifestation of God in man is the kingdom made manifest. Do you hear our words? The manifestation of God in man is the kingdom made manifest… Now damn yourselves all you want to. Unforgive yourselves all you believe you must. That does not change a thing. You are still worthy, you are still worthy, you are still loved.”

~the Guides through Paul Selig. The Book of Knowing and Worth (p.221)

The Christ as consciousness

Consciousness is awareness and awareness is paying attention. As we attend to new, higher levels of awareness by tuning our frequency in focus to it, we are claiming ourselves anew in consciousness. We grow closer in unity and oneness with God.

It is this level of consciousness that is of Christ.

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