Let go and Allow Part IV: Just Be

Updated: Mar 28, 2021


Think ➜ Do ➜ Be


Be ➜ Think ➜ Do

What does it mean to be? It doesn't take effort, strength, or judgment. Nor does it take knowledge or intelligence. Beingness just simply is. So if this is true, why do we work so hard to affect who we are being?

Think ➜ Do ➜ Be, is the basic idea that thought leads to action and action leads to results. This puts the thinking mind in charge of what we do, which in turn determines our identity. The world judges us by what we do as it revolves around this philosophy—that action is required to achieve greatness. For example, if I met a billionaire who traveled around the world having many adventures, and I cultivated a desire to have the same experience, my attention would be focused on the what, where, when, and how to find a way to make that happen. Next, I would execute actions corresponding to those that I deemed necessary. Only then would I be able to "achieve" the desired experience.

The logical mind makes sense of this, because we cannot be the billionaire, or the traveler, or the "experiencer" until we’ve paid the price of admission. We have the formula and now all we need is the information and action to cover the variables. And for that, all we need is a mentor.

Giving our power away

As innocuous as it seems, this philosophy is dangerous, because it places our power in something or someone else. And it fails to disclose an important secret that we’ll talk about in a moment.

When it comes to achieving dreams, ambitions, and the attainment of wealth, millions of dollars are spent on how-to information. Books, seminars, and courses are sold to the masses who are hoping for that last piece of the puzzle that will finally bring them success. These personality types seem to be in a perpetual state of information consumption. They move ever closer to the goal but can’t seem to achieve it. They are constantly looking for the fill-in-the-blank solution outside of themselves.

To be clear, I’m not talking about truly helpful programs that change lives. I’m referring to the various industries that promise shortcuts and take advantage of those who are looking for external solutions. Whether we label this deception or ignorance, the solution is the same and the answer is found within.

The Secret

So why are there so many people who fail to realize success? Is it because they lack drive or motivation? Or do they lack the necessary knowledge or resources? This is what the people doing the selling would like you to believe because it puts them in control.

The fallacy of Think➜Do➜Be lies in the idea that being or beingness is a product of our thoughts and actions. The aspect of being cannot be any greater than the thought and action that preceded it. When we follow through in this manner, we get stuck in a loop as it were, never able to break out to become something greater.

If instead we put be at the beginning of the cycle, our thoughts and actions are realized as a product of being. Because being can be greater than our thoughts, emotions, and actions, it serves to uplift, and our expression becomes greater. We use our most basic gifts of intelligence and choice to realize the truest part of ourselves, and everything we express becomes the reflection.

Claiming our Authority

This is why it is often taught by spiritual teachers that being is paramount. Whatever we want to be, billionaire, traveler, or experiencer, we must be able to identify and become that which we envision before the universe endows us with the outward experience. This is the secret. As above, so below. As inward, so outward. As men and women think in their hearts, so are they. What you focus on, what you imagine, what you envision in your heart, you become, and life is as the blossom that flourishes in the briar.

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