Love, Always Love

It is Christmas Eve. I identify as Christian, and I celebrate it as I can with family and friends. Always, a part of that celebration is the giving and receiving of gifts. Today I would like to share a very special type of gift here, the gift of gratitude. I find myself far more grateful than I used to be. Perhaps it is a result of growing older or interacting with the Guides’ teachings. Perhaps it doesn’t matter why, just that it is.

Sharing daily gratitudes with a friend of mine has been a practice I have observed for about nine months. My friend Larry and I go back 25 years, first as colleagues and then as life-long friends. He lives in Wisconsin, and I am in Hong Kong. He writes me each evening at the time I am waking; and so I have developed the habit of giving thanks each morning. Over time, our final parting words became “Love, always love.” It is something I hold dear in my heart as it embodies precisely the teachings of both my Christian upbringing and those of the Guides. I hope a glimpse into our correspondence will inspire you and release the gratitude in your own heart.

July 29, 2020

Larry: Wednesday Gratitudes.

Today I am grateful for another day.

I am grateful for a quiet morning.

Grateful for willingness.

Grateful for dealing with life on life’s terms.

…And Love.

August 6, 2020

Brenda: Thursday gratitude.

Today I am grateful for journals to take me down memory lane, new paths to take me down real lanes - nature, waterfalls!- and a soul finding its way to take me down my life’s best lane.

And love, always love.

August 16, 2020

Brenda: Today I am grateful for a lovely hike at the Peak! Beautiful views of the city and quality time with Brent.

August 25, 2020

Larry: Tuesday Gratitudes

Today I am grateful for caring friends.

Grateful for discernment.

Grateful for a little peace in the maelstrom of the storm.

Grateful for my health-care team.

For hope…

…and Love, always love.

August 27

Brenda: Today I am grateful for the dance, the song, the play that is this lived life but also the knowing of love and song and self that transcends it all. For the release of the old and the dawn of the new. And for love, always and completely LOVE.

September 4, 2020

Larry: Thursday Gratitudes

I am grateful for a good nights’ rest.

Today I am grateful for cooler weather.

Grateful for fragile beauty.

I am grateful for freedom from the past.

…and Love.

September 11, 2020

Brenda: Friday morning gratitude. For Another day as me, figuring out this life thing, God, the fluidity of time and the notion of creating from a sea of possibilities. For Love as the unifying factor. For all my teachers and fellow travellers along the way. Love, all is love. B

September 16, 2020

Larry: Thursday Gratitudes

Today I am grateful for another Thursday.

I am grateful for grace.

Grateful I have choices.

Grateful for the music of my heart.

Grateful I can still believe in dreams…

…and of course, Love, always Love.

September 23, 2020

Brenda: Wednesday gratitude.

Today I am grateful for endings and beginnings - another trip around the sun complete. A new opportunity to set goals, change, grow, learn, become. I am grateful for all I have learned this past year, including gratitude, the nature of Self, the divinity in all, how to open up to creativity and how to better welcome the unfolding Universe as it is. I am grateful for the new connections I have made in an otherwise seemingly disconnected world and for the steady cradle of good forever friends and family. And for Love in all. Love, always love, B

September 29, 2020