Meeting Our Invitations From The Upper Room

The first prompt given to me by this beautiful invitation to contribute to this blog and community, was, ironically on the topic of invitations.

I thought about it, and pondered, what did I want to write about? I thought about the different forms and ways invitations have come into my life so far. Did I want to touch upon that?

However, as I started to brainstorm and write, I realized what I wanted to look at was not so much the physical literal concept of invitations, but taking it to a deeper layer, of how we perceive, and respond to the invitation. What is our relationship with invitations and opportunities that the universe presents us? When an invitation comes, do we brush away and hide at the fear that we are not worthy of stepping into our true power and light, dishing out our arsenal of excuses we carry around? Or do we clutch to certain invitations because we are afraid to be naked and stripped of the external validation that we desperately hold onto as a reflection of our worth? Or are we accepting invitations in mediocre contempt, living in the fear of lack that nothing better will come to us?

These are all questions that I ponder and try to hold myself accountable to in my day to day, and while I might only be barely scratching the surface with these questions; I can share with you what I have come to realize from my personal experience thus far.

I realized that for the majority of my life, I had been accepting and pursuing different invitations with feverish control to the outcome.

Personally, this pattern often displayed itself in the form of romantic relationships, but it may also come in other forms of attachments that are common to us, such as a career/monetary goal, or a physical ideal, etc.

For me, I stayed in relationships that were way past its expiration date multiple times, with people who did not value me or see me, hoping that maybe just one day, I would be worthy enough. One day… If only... Maybe if I did this…

Maybe I am asking for too much...

But actually, all I did was extend my invitation to more pain and suffering. What we claim in fear, brings more fear. And what laid beneath that was a strong scarcity mindset and deep societal conditioning. The lie that I was incomplete alone, and that I must suffer and endure pain to what I wanted. And as I unpacked this, I slowly started to say no to what no longer serves me, and stay in my worth. I am learning to claim my inherent worth - an integral part of me, you, and all of us, unconditionally. We are all loved unconditionally. We can be nothing but that. And as I allow myself to bask in that love, I see and feel the abundance of the universe.

Invitation, upon invitation, flows to all of us every day, every hour, every minute effortlessly. There is nothing that is not vibrating with abundance in our nature, and all we have to do is allow ourselves to receive the invitations that make our hearts sing.

And so now, my relationship to invitations is to relax in the process and accept with ease and grace, releasing all attachment to the outcome. To quote the editor who gave me advice on how to proceed with this invitation to write for this blog (I was slightly nervous about accepting this invitation): “Your happiness, your integration, and your expansion is what will be the most important to the community and the readers. So enjoy the process”.

And with that, I extend the invitation to all of you, to reflect and take a look at your relationship to and with invitations.

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