Working with the Guides has re-ignited my connection with metaphors and similes. They are a good way to explain in words that which cannot actually be explained in words. Children know this (my oldest at the age of three called the dark Norway Maple in our yard the “chocolate tree”). Perhaps even the dying know this; often those on the verge of dying begin speaking about boats and rivers and tunnels and lights that are not literally there.

For me, I now often feel the need to frame my new Knowing in terms of what “it” is “like.”

In Alchemy, the Guides tell us “But it is the small self, the small I, that is in wanting, and it is the True Self who is in reception. Do you understand that? The small self wants. The True Self receives.” (page 64)

Here are two images that come to mind. In the first, the small self, the egoic self that is in wanting, is like two hands reaching out for and cupping water. The small self reaches out, drawing the water to him or her as it leaks through the cracks. Much of the water slips through the fingers and what is left is inadequate to quench one’s thirst. In the second, a person with their head lifted toward the sky and arms open receives the water as it rains down and drenches them. Want versus reception. Lack versus abundance.

We need only receive. To operate from the Upper Room means Knowing that the second image is the truer of the two.

What does this look like in my real life? It has many faces and many moments. As I operate from a space of open allowance, I am overjoyed with what rains down. (I will refrain from adding “unexpectedly” because these gifts no longer surprise me, though I do not expect nor feel entitled to them.)

Just two days ago, I found myself in the right place at the right time to connect with someone who practices meditation, yoga, and singing bowls. I happened to need someone with those qualifications to round out a sound gong session I will be running in a few weeks. Perfect. Thank you. I didn’t even quite know that that was what I was looking for, but as soon as we started talking, I knew I had received just what I needed.

And again today. Through a string of fortuitous events, I found myself reconnecting with the Qi gong Master I had lost track of eight months ago. He was a brilliant teacher, but I didn’t think there was much chance of finding him again. Then here he was, another teacher’s guest on the school campus where I teach. What a sudden and welcome joy to be reconnected with Shifu Lok.

I invite you to recognize those moments of synchronicity as Knowing. As you do this, search for the metaphor that captures your experience. Write it down. Share it. Say thank you.

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