Thanksgiving Through...

A few days ago, the Mayor of Los Angeles gave a heartfelt speech to persuade us to stay home on November 26 to reduce the number of Angelinos who die in December. Thanksgiving is different this year.

For those not in the United States, Thanksgiving is our national holiday that’s celebrated by gathering the family together for a feast. The story of its origins involves a community celebrating a successful harvest during tough times. In practice, we Americans usually spend a few moments around the third Thursday in November to express “giving thanks” for the cooperation and abundance that bring ease and grace to our lives.

But today, we also share sadness and disappointment that our holiday celebrations are obliged to be socially distanced and “virtual” this year. So I want to remind you that the essence of Thanksgiving is an alignment to Gratitude.

Aligning to Gratitude

When I first read I Am the Word, one of the main things I appreciated was the open-ended, creative alignment technique using the word “through.” Once you understand that everything has a vibration that is malleable by your attention, “through” becomes a magic verb to bless the world (for realz) with a simple transitive sentence.

I Am A through B

I Am X through Y

I Am Name-your-vibration through Object-of-alignment

The first book introduces Word as the essential vibration to learn how to use in this way. For example, the alignment "I Am Word through my Body" begins with "I Am Word" to specify the vibration, and "my Body" specifies the object of alignment.

As I played around with this introductory technique, I enjoyed using other vibrations as well. Gratitude has always been one of my favorites. Let me explain how Gratitude feels to me.

It’s hard to describe my sensation of Gratitude because it’s not visual, it’s spacial. When I focus my awareness on something or someone, it’s like a three-dimensional tactile sense. It feels like my attention reaches out and touches a substance that takes up a particular volume and location in ethereal space. Instead of having a tactile texture, however, it has a particular vibration that feels like a flavor.

Whereas Love feels kind of warm and slow like vanilla, Gratitude feels minty and electric. My thrill-seeking self often prefers Gratitude because it’s more fun. For example, as I progressed through the second book, The Book of Love and Creation, sometimes I would spice it up by re-doing the Love alignments with Gratitude instead.

For Thanksgiving 2020 and the upcoming holiday season, I’m sharing the Gratitude alignment sequence I wrote below. Read each sentence, say it to yourself as you adjust the focus of your awareness, then take a pause to feel your sensations before moving to the next sentence.

Practicing Gratitude

I am Gratitude through my body

I am Gratitude through my vibration

I am Gratitude through my hands

I am Gratitude through my feet

I am Gratitude through my shoulders and the muscles of my chest

I am Gratitude through the muscles of my abdomen and my back

I am Gratitude through the skin of my face and the muscles below the skin

I am Gratitude through the blood in my body

I am Gratitude through my heart muscle

I am Gratitude through my lungs

I am Gratitude through my liver and intestines

I am Gratitude through my brain

I am Gratitude through my spinal cord and the nerve cells in my body

I am Gratitude through my eyes and ears

I am Gratitude through all the cells in my body.

I am Gratitude through all the atoms in my body.

I am Gratitude through the space surrounding the atoms in my body

I am Word through my Knowing myself as Gratitude.

  • For the next part: Close your eyes and reach your attention out to find something or someone in space. Align it to Gratitude. Feel the echo and observe the vibration that exists between you and it. Create your own sequence of things to align.

My sequence goes something like this:

I am Gratitude through my dog Ember.

Her echo feels like a wide river flowing toward me. Good doggie.

I am Gratitude through my home.

Doing this alignment makes me sigh with relief as the space around me comes alive and reminds me of its embrace.

I am Gratitude through my husband, Mike.

I spend so much time with Mike that sometimes I can’t feel his echo; it’s just part of the everyday flavor I taste as I move through my days. But today it’s a bright expansion, and I emit a little chuckle as I’m tickled by the pervasive joy we share.

I am Gratitude through the flow of abundance that sustains my life.

I am Gratitude through all the people coming together from all over the globe to help me build this platform.

I am Gratitude through the technology that allows us to collaborate in this way.

Now your turn.