“I know Who I Am in Truth. I know What I Am in Truth. I know How I Serve in Truth.”

“ …the passage through the distortions that you have in fact used to see a reflection of self are going to be met, and henceforth illumined, for your liberation as one in service. Underline that—as one in service. Again, the claim “I know how I serve.”*

Many times I would hear people say that they couldn’t understand why people go into the Service (Armed Forces). This was a question I got to ponder many times myself, since I spent almost 25 years in the Air Force, both enlisted and as an officer, with another 10+ years as a Civil Servant. What makes people go in?

If you listen to the advertisements, you’ll hear the coded words and phrases used as inducements: “be all you can be; excellence in all you do; aim high; duty, honor, country; freedom; truth; calling; even the phrase going into the Service! They are all words or phrases that resonate with a spiritual calling that all people on some level yearn for. In the collective consciousness, a spiritual calling traditionally comes with initiation, brotherhood/sisterhood (community), common shared goals, trust, and a sense of safety and security that one will be taken care of.

The people in the Services are just a reflection of society, with the same desires and needs. They go to work, pick their kids up from school, go home, eat dinner, watch television, and go to bed. Then they wake up and start the day all over again. They just want to do their jobs, whether it’s to fix vehicles, planes, or mow the grass. They want to live their lives in peace. They don’t want to go to war. They honestly believe they are there to prevent war. And once again, there are many coded words there, such as peacemakers . . . and don’t we learn early in life the phrase, “blessed are the peacemakers?”

“What you claim in peace calls more peace to it. So the agreement to receive this requires little of you, except that you’re aligning to it in participating of a higher claim of peace instilled in you, expressed by you, in service to others, and in agreement to a high choice that may be made without fear.” *

We as a collective can start the ripple effect. Many times throughout the year, people sing in churches the song, “Let there be peace on earth.” Whatever we claim calls more of itself to it. Therefore as a collective, we can start to align with the energy of new beginnings, with the highest potential, and claim peace.

I’m in agreement to align with the highest potential, and let it ‘Be’ so.

I’m aligning to the potential with the most beneficial outcome.

As the Divine Self who already sees a way forth, and doesn’t seek evidence.

I agree to carry an Olive Branch,

the symbol of Peacemaking.**

The opportunity is ours now to serve in a high way. We can choose to claim peace, and carry the symbol of the olive branch in our energy field. The olive branch has long been a symbol of peace and peacemaking. To accept this gift, all we need do is say YES . . . and then very simply align to it, and the vibration of peace within our energy field will call more of it to us. We become the vibration of peace and radiate it out to all humanity.

What I claim in Peace calls more peace to it.

Instilled, expressed, in service, & agreement to high choice ~ made without fear.**

“I know Who I Am in Truth. I know What I Am in Truth. I know How I Serve in Truth.”

I Am Peace. I Am Peace. I Am Peace.

*"Alchemy" By Paul Selig, via the Guides pg 198

**Paraphrased from "Alchemy" By Paul Selig, via the Guides pg 199

Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels

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