The Crossroads of New Potential

“Where you stand today, one and all, is at a crossroads.” *

“This is a time of opportunity—The individual first and then the collective, at the crossroads of new potential.” **

“What are crossroads?” you ask. Well, they are decision points. And we make decisions every moment . . . whether we are being oblivious to what is going on around us, or being mindful.

When you think of mindfulness, you have to look at what you are filling your mind full of. What music and lyrics are you listening to? What television shows are you watching? What books are you reading? These are all imprinting you with the levels of consciousness from which they were created, and giving you operational instructions on how to act from that level of consciousness. So if you love that song about “my baby done left me,” and you keep singing it, then you shouldn’t wonder why you can’t attract a meaningful relationship into your life.

“Now, for some of you, this means that the agreement to align to this teaching comes with the probability that you may know yourself in a different way. But that probability is simply one potential of an encounter with this teaching. Some of you may decide that what we are offering you is too hard, too hard to fully claim. And you will nod to us and thank us as you go on a different path.” ***

Crossroads aren’t always about huge decision points, but often about the small ones we make day-by-day. The throwaway phrases that seem funny to us, but that our subconscious takes seriously and puts into our life’s operational manual. The television shows or movies that glorify violence, but we watch because they give us a jolt of adrenalin that makes us feel alive and glad not to be in someone else’s shoes . . . but yet we’ve just imprinted those images onto our subconscious and emotional bodies. And then we wonder later why we tend to attract “less than” scenarios into our lives.

"Some of you may say, ‘I am willing, but I don’t know how.’ And then we will meet you, wherever you are on the road, hands outstretched in welcome to walk you forward. Some of you will say, ‘I will do this work if it gets me what I expect.’ Again, a probability, one of an infinite amount that is truly available here. And if you say, ‘Yes, I am willing to go,’ you will indeed be met, but you may not get what you think you should have.

But what we will promise you, and we must, is that you will be known, agreed to, aligned with, so that you may choose, and the choice that you make, at this crossroads,

will have a ramification.” ***

Crossroads, small decision points . . . do I turn the television on or not . . . do I say something kind or unkind . . . do I bless everything before me or wallow in self-pity? Each choice I make either aligns me to great possibilities and potentials, or sends me into a spiral of oblivious, small-self, adrenalin-jolting moments . . . and I land at the bottom, not always realizing the opportunity, the potential I just gave up. We have choices . . . mini

crossroads . . . decision points that point towards opportunities and potentials of change . . . different doorways we can go through, if only . . .

The Call has sounded, the Song has been sung.

It’s your choice, your decision to go through the doorway.

It is open . . . for you . . . now!

“If humanity attends, at this crossroads, to this agreement—'We can change’—you will align to the door that opens, in process, in agreement, in a mandate of your claim of potential.”

“’What is the doorway?’ he says. ‘To the Upper Room?’ In fact, yes. The moment grace is permitted in the agreement of what can be, it has cause to act, and your presence, your individual presence, becomes the doorway for light to shine through.

The light to shine through.

You are the window, the portal, the doorway, the ambassador.

You create the bridge that others may walk through and lift above the old,

in consequence to the new alignment that has been accepted as potential.” ****

*Alchemy, page 190

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Signpost photo copyright © 2016 Melissa Higginbotham. All rights reserved.

Doorway photo owned by Melissa Higginbotham

Crossroads photo by James Wheeler from Pexels (lead photo)

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