The Law of Attraction

I first heard about the law of attraction or LOA around 2009 from the movie “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. What really impressed me about it was the intensity and assuredness of those who shared their experience with what they called The Secret. The implication of the film was that to manifest anything into your life, all you had to do was think about it intently and focus your attention upon it. Very much intrigued and believing in the high profile individuals that were interviewed in the movie, I began to apply this technique. They were very convincing.

At the time I didn’t have a well paying job but I did have a growing family to take care of so it was easy for me to focus on the getting of money. In fact that was just about all I could think of. I dedicated hours and hours of study to perfect and apply LOA in my life. I would dream of getting rich just as the gurus said to do on social media. I browsed for all the things I could buy—house, car, toys etc. Unfortunately, all this effort amounted to pretty much more of the same. No matter how hard I tried, nothing of significance happened to change my circumstances.

Now I can hear what many of you are thinking. I focused too much on the wanting, getting or the desire of material instead of the creating the feeling of already having it. Well that’s true to a point, and that seems to be the direction most people who teach LOA are going these days. What I’ve learned however, is that in order to apply this the right way, you simply need to understand what it really is.

The law of attraction as defined is the belief that thinking about something attracts it and causes it to manifest in your life. Part of this is also biblical in the law of the harvest which states that what you sow, so shall you reap.

What I’m proposing is that thinking alone is not what causes something to be attracted in your life. We are multifaceted beings that express in many different ways and thought is just one of them. We also express in emotion and action. It’s easy to understand how action is part of the equation because we can see what the results are. If we treat someone with kindness it is most often returned. But through the teachings of the Guides and others, we also know that we are ghosts in a shell or energy within a vessel that seeks to be expressed in the highest manner.

It is the entirety of our expression, who we are being, that is reflected back to us. All of our thoughts, emotions and actions are working together to create a signature frequency that is expressed in the field of energy. The level of consciousness or beingness we express is reflected in the totality of our physical human experience. It’s as though the universe were a giant echo chamber. The words we express go out into the field and come back to us. If we express higher consciousness at the level of Love, Joy and Peace, we are added upon. If we express lower levels of consciousness through thoughts, feelings and actions, in the form of anger, hatred, shame or guilt, our expression becomes a deficit as in karma.

Words are representative of our expression of being. Studies have shown that when we put ourselves down in thought, it is very powerful and very harmful; but when we do it out loud, the effect is compounded and extremely detrimental to our well being. It is easy to see how a proclamation of “I Am Word” can be a powerful tool of benevolence in contrast.

Once I understood that it is the whole of my expression and not just my thoughts that attract, I have much more control over what I attract in my life. I no longer seek money as I used to. I just do my best to serve and abundance is my reward. It is a consequence of service. When you are in a state of survival just trying to get to the next day, it’s very difficult to express abundance. I know this from experience and it’s been a long road turned into a beautiful journey.

A being that has everything, does not want. In this moment I choose to express infinite abundance as does the universe. I am free.

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

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