The Law of Attraction Part II

Last year has been one of the most tumultuous years I’ve ever experienced. No matter your views on politics, conspiracies, and pandemics, 2020 felt like the culmination of decades worth of evil planning and execution. This has brought many of us to the brink of destruction where some have become casualties of circumstance. Nothing takes away your sense of personal power and purpose like losing your business or livelihood without a clear path to recovery.

Even so, all is not lost. Something magnificent has come in spite of this. Have you felt it? New energies have been made available to us in the form of light and knowledge; and the floodgates connecting us to this vast ocean of information are open. This too has been in planning and execution for decades to be rolled out at this very particular point in history.

In years past, those of us uninitiated and unawakened called things as we saw them, made our judgements, and manifested our futures based on the status quo. We said yes to all things that we perceived with our senses, and deemed them to be as bad as we saw fit to decide. Through this, we came into agreement with it and sustained it.

This we will do no longer. The great awakening of humanity is upon us, and the fog of war is dissipating. The veils of deception and systems of corruption that were created in fear are being dismantled.

The grand experiment of humanity has always been to see what we will do—what decisions we will make, in the absence of the knowledge of our true selves and inherent divinity. This has caused us to make choices based in ignorance which is the source of pain and suffering.

The question now is: How will humanity operate when ignorance is lifted? What new heights will we achieve in our knowing?

In the coming year, we have an unprecedented opportunity to reach beyond what we know, to see what has been hidden from view, and to lift each other to the truth of who we are. As we manifest our deepest and truest desires, the Divine Universe that provides, always says yes. We can look upon the storm and manifest peace, tranquility and truth.

As we rise in consciousness our heartwave frequency matches with the higher field of energy, and we are ready for transmission and reception in the brightness of light. The heart is the way. As we do this, kindness, compassion and understanding becomes our outward expression and through this together, we heal.

Our agenda and purpose is simple; the realization of the Kingdom of God in all people and in all things. The world cries out for truth which is light and knowledge. By being here, you have answered the call.

A new Earth is coming. Are you ready?

Image by David Kacs from Pixabay

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