The Net and the Now

The Guides say that in the Upper Room “time itself and the idea of time collapses, becomes malleable, and, in fact, something that can be moved through with great ease.” — Alchemy (pg 18)

Let’s say that Time is just an idea - a net we created for ourselves while swimming; we placed ourselves within this safe net long ago.

Let’s just say that we live inside this ocean with no end. In this ocean we can create whatever we want. And let’s just say that at one point humans created this net, swam into the net so that it surrounded them and then stayed there. It provided a safe boundary for them in this vast ocean. They liked their net. They stayed there for so many generations that a time came when a generation forgot they themselves had created the net and they no longer knew that it didn’t really need to be there. They and their children and their children’s children forgot they could quite easily swim over or under or even through the net to the infinite possibilities that lay beyond their net in the infinite ocean.

This net - Time, remember - created all kinds of trouble for them. . . restrictions, really. It crowded and controlled them. They became exasperated at how restricting it was and constantly complained about it, but no one could see beyond the net they had made for themselves and generation after generation agreed to the idea of the net fencing them in.

Now those swimming beyond the net in the infinite ocean noticed those caught in their own net. And although it was fine for the netted ones to stay inside the net if they chose to, it was no longer fine for them to have no awareness of what was available beyond the net. How could they get the netted ones to even SEE the net in the first place? How could they convince the netted ones that they themselves had constructed the net, which was truly unnecessary now. How could they help the netted ones then BELIEVE in the possibility of something beyond it - something filled with that which was beyond their imagination? The infinite possibilities that were the ocean itself? The water was indeed everywhere.

Now the net is not evil nor is it good. It simply creates another way of being that is restrictive to the netted ones. As you may know, inside the net it seems to have gotten quite polluted, frenzied, frenetic really. In an effort long ago to create something organised and safe, now those netted ones have outgrown the need for the net. If only they knew that they could quite easily swim above or below or through to reach the infinite possibilities of the ocean where there is no net! Realise that where there is no net there is no net to contend with - it does not exist.

So now let’s call the infinite ocean of possibilities the Eternal Now. That water that is everywhere in the ocean is the Eternal Now of infinite possibilities. And it may be easier to recognise that the ocean that is the Eternal Now is above or below or even surrounding the net. But is it not also inside the net? Those caught inside the net, are they not ALSO swimming in the Infinite Now?

And are we not the netted ones? Are we not the ones who cannot fathom the Infinite Now in this very moment we swim inside our polluted, crowded, frenetic net? And won’t we accept the assistance of those who would release us from our ancient and restrictive net? For the Infinite itself is present in this very moment in this very place. The Infinite is present within and around and through You in this ever present Now. And the possibilities are, indeed, endless.

Photos copyright © Brenda Brayko 2020. All rights reserved.

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