The quest for truth.

“Any true teaching through and true teacher is always true. What is true is always true.”

-The Guides through Paul Selig, Alchemy (pg 58)

If that which is true is always true, then it cannot change or it will cease to be absolute. As we align ourselves to truth, we are aligning to the part of us that does not change. This creates a paradox in the mind (or the small self) that believes that reality is defined by our physical experience. If the truth we have aligned to in the past has changed, then we haven’t aligned to truth but only an idea. What is real in this moment may change state in the next. What was new last year is no longer new, and what was true yesterday may not be true tomorrow. How much of reality is actually true and real?

To answer that we must consider time. If I were to toss a water balloon in the air and pause time, the balloon would be observed as being suspended. Its position in space correlates with a specific moment. If we then allowed time to continue, the balloon would fall to the floor and explode, effectively changing its position and state. This change appears to happen because we are comparing what is to what was. What is true in one moment does not match with what is true in the other. How then can truth be constant?

There are two ways to look at this for reconciliation. The first idea is that truth can only exist within the confines of each singular moment. In this instance, the water balloon we examined in two two separate moments in time, is both suspended in the air, and exploded on the floor. For truth to be constant in this manner, the balloon must occupy both states simultaneously. The perception of movement in space is an illusion.

The second idea is that there is only one eternal present moment. All things that we perceive as moving through space are happening in the ‘now’. The balloon, observed as suspended in one moment and exploded on the floor in the next, are both actually happening at the same time. In this instance, the procession of time is an illusion.

However the case may be, it’s clear that there is some matrix level stuff going on! What we perceive to be reality may not be as ‘real’ as we think. In fact, thinking is actually a product of the small self because the higher self only knows. Either way we look at it, change can only exist in time and space. When you collapse either, we draw closer to what is real.

The small self cannot perceive being anything greater than it already is. As the purpose of fear is to perpetuate itself, the purpose of the small self is to affirm what is or the status quo through the analysis of the senses. This is to maintain the illusion.

So if it’s not the small self that can see our potential, then it must be that there is a greater or higher self that represents who we are in truth. What this means is that at the highest level of reality, we have already attained enlightenment and the only thing standing in our way is realization.

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