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"To understand that the body is of God and is always in vibration, and what creates the body is the same as what creates the chair that you sit upon, the energy of the body and the chair as being of one Source, and to understand that the realization that the body is of God immediately begins to dismantle the form you have taken as a separate identity and, instead, replaces it with the true nature of being, the unity of form and spirit in embodiment." *

When I was 10 years old, my grandmother started to teach me different forms of needlework. We lived on a fruit farm, and in the summer I would go to her house to help out with the fruit stand. The needlework kept me from being bored. But it also did something else: it kept me focused on creating something beautiful.

Of all the forms of needlework, knitting was my favorite . . . perhaps because it appeared to move along faster in the creation process. I could see more of a result of my efforts than when I crocheted or embroidered. And there was something about the knitting motions, the click of the needles against each other that was very meditative and soothing.


"Everything you see, know it or not, is a vast field of frequency that is moving and alive in a resonant field . . . " **

When I was 28, I started a job that had me working 13 hours a day, so I no longer knitted. Then one day I walked into a yarn shop just to look at all the colors of yarn. I was fascinated

by all the colors, patterns, and materials that yarn was now made from. When I was a little girl, we had cotton, wool, and acrylic. Now there was not only wool and cotton, but also cashmere, alpaca, mohair, silk, and lots of man-made fibers in shimmering and glittering colors. I walked out of that shop with a bag full of yarn, needles, and a pattern, and started knitting again.


"Love is the one thing that permeates the lower octave, as the Divine as expression

in a way that may lift, and for the simple reason that,

when one loves one loves as the Divine." ***

I started with shawls because they were easier to knit, but yet allowed for the creative process to flow. Even with the same pattern, the shawls looked different based on the colors and textures of yarn I chose. So I knitted, and as I knitted, a person’s face or name would come into my mind, and I knew that was the person this shawl would be gifted to.

Knitting as a meditation allowed me to quiet my mind and channel all my energies to the needle. With my ands busy, my mind didn’t have to be. And I would find myself mentally singing and

praying as I knitted. I would see patterns of light and sound inside of me, and they would go into the shawl I was knitting. The people I gave the shawls to told me they felt soothed by them . . . that they made them feel calm and safe . . . made them feel better. It became a ministry of love and grace.

I’ve knitted other items, but I always seem to come back to shawls. With the shawls I can wrap someone with love and grace. I can let them know they are appreciated for who they are. And perhaps the shawls will help someone step into the same still and comforting Presence I feel when I knit . . . maybe when they wrap themselves in the colors of the shawl, they too will feel a sense of Homecoming.

"And as you love and who you love is made new by your love." ***

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***Alchemy, pg 58

Cover Photo by Avni Jain from Pexels

Yarn Skeins Photo: pexels-skitterphoto-1571577

Knitting Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

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