To Know Peace

I’m looking outside my window today, feeling grateful for the bronzed and golden-leafed tree standing upright and gracefully waving its branches in the soft breeze. I love trees. They’ve always felt like my tribe, my peeps! I think I must have been one of the original tree huggers. When I was young, trees were the ones I told my stories to, cried on . . . they helped me heal from trauma and sorrow. They were so loving and caring. We understood one another. They helped me know peace. The Guides say:

“To know peace in the present moment is to be aligned to peace.”*

Years ago, I had a friend who worked in the Defense Department who said she wanted to leave her job and work in a health food store, where she would have a better opportunity to fight for peace and not support war. I told her that fighting for anything, even peace, still aligned her with the energy of war.

“. . . if you are fighting to keep the peace, you are still in agreement to war, and, in fact, reinforcing the idea of war through your strategizing for peace.”*

If she stayed in the Department of Defense and could change her consciousness to align with peace, she had an opportunity to be an agent for real change from within. It was a choice she could make, and choice is always an act of power.

“And in that claim—‘I am at peace’—you hold the resonance of peace that you may invoke in any situation you see.”*

Trees can teach us a lot about peace . . . and life. Standing tall no matter what, we, like trees can allow winds of change to blow over and through us but not allow life to get us down. We can give shade, shelter, and food to others in need. And trees delight in showing us that beauty always has a place in our lives to uplift spirits . . . give us bread, but give us sunflowers, birds, and trees too . . . this gives us life . . . this gives us peace.

“I am at Peace."

*Alchemy, Chapter 7, page 231

Photo Copyright © 2020 Melissa Higginbotham. All rights reserved.

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