Transposition of Reality

Updated: Jun 25

“We are teaching you something rather different, which is realization of the inherent Divine while maintaining form at a level of coherence where you become the conduit, the alchemical conduit for the transposition of reality.” The Guides through Paul Selig, from the intensive workshop Revolution

The following is based on the recently released video, Transposition of Reality on Paul Selig's youtube channel. Here is the link:

To transpose something means to change its relative position, order, or sequence, or to cause two or more things to change places. As it pertains to music, it means to perform or play it in a different key.

The definition of reality is a little more complex. It is to be in the quality or state of being real. So what is real? If you ask the dictionary, it will tell you that it is synonymous with truth or fact.

That which is real, cannot change

So using these definitions, we could say the transposing of reality is a shift or change in position or a shift or change in frequency. But is it accurate to describe that which is real as being able to change? Because, truth does not change, that which is real cannot change either. If it did, it would not be true.

If we apply this thinking to our idea of reality, how much of our experience continues to change day by day? How much do we ourselves change through time as we learn and progress? How real then are we? How real is this experience we call life?

My point is not to get caught up into semantics so much as to really try to understand what the title of this article means. The closer we get to truth, the more accurate our experience. In truth, we are not transposing reality. What is real cannot be changed, therefore we are only changing our perception of reality. When we change our vision, the image of our highest self becomes our reflection.

Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at, change.” Again more accurately, it is our perception of the things we look at that changes, and our experience becomes the manifestation of our reality.

Knowing brings us Freedom

When we know that it is not our true self that changes, but the small self, there must be a part of us that is eternal. There is a part of us that always is and stands in the infinite field of intelligence and divine love. We do not obtain this status, we already have it through realization.

When we come to a knowing of this universal truth, there is no longer a need for fear. We are free, we are free, we are truly free, when we let go of the structures we have created (in fear) that are the destructive patterns of behavior that rule our decision making.

Living in knowing is the gift of being present in the upper room. To realize our presence here is to relinquish fear and our need to maintain it. This is how we gaze upon the stars to finally see our true selves reflected back to us through the eyes of infinity. The stars know who we are. Why else do we stare longingly into the night sky but to find ourselves?

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