Trust & Faith: In the Flow

Dear One, You are in a place of despondency right now, and we want to emphasize to you—that is okay.

You are sitting there in disbelief, going, “how did this turn out like so?” You were so close to getting what you have been deeply wishing and hoping for, and it blew up in your face. You are in shock at the outcome and berating yourself for once again having put your expectations on how things should unfold.

But we want to say, “don't be so hard on yourself.” You have to have compassion for yourself when you feel low and down, and know that that is part of the cyclical nature of life, the yin and the yang, the ebb and the flow, and the push and pull of all things in the universe.

We want to acknowledge the strength and growth you have gained from it, and we love you through your pain. It might be hard to hear these things when you are sitting in the dark, but also know that perspective and time will help you heal. Sometimes you choose to not have the bigger picture, and perhaps we are carrying you out of danger that is behind the scenes.

Also know that you will get out of this despair and anger. When lifted to the truth, you can see that everything is transient and in the frequency of love. You are much stronger than you give yourself credit for. Haven't you always been able to come out stronger and better? And finally, we would like to ask you to give us your trust. Have faith in the support that we provide. Things are always working out for you, and soon, you will be able to see what we mean by that. Receive the healing, the gifts, and the love that is here, is here, is here. Let us carry you in the flow of joy.

xo Pauletta

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