Truth or Consequences

Honesty is aligned with concepts of fairness, honor, and integrity, and usually means to refrain from lying, cheating, or stealing. So many of us were taught to be honest, yet as we grew up, we witnessed so much of the opposite. I’m sure many don’t go out into the world with the thought, “today I’m going to cheat someone.” What happens is what I call a progressive erosion of integrity. We get into situations where we fear if we say or do what we think is right, we’ll be ridiculed and lose face or prestige. Therefore, we don’t lie, we tell a “little fib” or “white lie.” In some instances, we try to paint a different picture than what really happened by not telling the whole truth. In this case we convince ourselves we didn’t lie . . . we just didn’t tell the whole truth. We convince ourselves that it is okay, but what we are really doing is being dishonest with ourselves. Withholding the whole truth to paint a different picture than what actually happened is an example of intellectual dishonesty. Dishonesty, no matter the form, always lowers your spiritual vibration and erodes your sense of self. It’s an action based on fear. In the Book of Freedom, the Guides say that we justify our choices made in fear, and are encouraged to do so. That we are being taught to be fearful, and use this as an excuse to give our power away and not take responsibility for our actions, since we are doing as instructed. But the Guides remind us there are ramifications:

“You give your power to the whole who is basing its act in fear. You do so at the cost of what might be claimed otherwise, and you lose your integrity or your True Self in the process of it.”*

Integrity is aligning with the truth of Who you really are. You are pure Spirit, and if you put your awareness on this thought or idea, you will always operate appropriately in any situation.

“The quality of your lives, in some ways, has a great deal to do with your own authenticity of being and the integrity that you live with, and by integrity we mean your availability to truth, regardless of the consequences.”**

It's not always easy when you have to make a choice to operate from your Inner Core of Integrity. The unanswered question . . . the misdirected answer . . . the implied answer of yes, when you're really answering no . . . the half-truths . . . all fear response ways to deflect another person's focus from you when your heart races as you start to respond in fear based on your history.

Instead, you can stop . . . take a breath . . . and feel your Inner Light. And in that moment of awareness, you can make a choice . . . a choice to act from Truth!

Choice is an Act of Power!

Center yourself in the light of your Authentic Self, and step into the Truth of Who you are. By doing so, you automatically operate from your deepest Truth. You not only begin to act honestly, but you become honesty itself . . . you become Truth Itself. You become a person of Integrity.

I know Who I Am in Truth. I know What I Am in Truth. I know How I Serve in Truth.

I Am free. I Am free.

I. Am. Free.

*Book of Freedom, Page 90

**Book of Freedom, Page 88

Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels

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