Tuning Up

No orchestra plays for an audience without first tuning up, generally to the first violinist. There is what seems a chaotic cacophony before all the instruments come together on one note—tuned.

We know from the teachings of the Guides that humanity is lifting in frequency and coming into "accord" and "a chord".

For some time now, I have experience very literal tune ups. It comes in the form of audible clicking in my ears, often but not always at night. Usually I will have been reading the work of the Guides or other sacred works earlier in the day. Then at night I might awaken and hear mysterious clicking in my ears, similar to a safe's lock clicking as it turns. Over time I have realized that I am experiencing tune ups in frequency. And over time I have lifted to the Upper Room, where love abounds and fear does not take form.

Think of that old piano in your grandparents' basement. It is out of tune now, but that doesn't mean it can't one day play with the orchestra. It simply needs careful tuning over time. Little by little the strings must be tightened enough but not too much. And over time, that old piano can play with the best of them—even with the orchestra.

That is us—humanity on this planet. We have sat for a very long time in the corner of a basement, residing in the low frequency of fear—out of tune—imagining ourselves somehow separate from Source or God or the Divine. But all we have needed was to be re-tuned, carefully, lovingly. The Words of the Guides are one way we can receive this. In fact they have told us directly that the words themselves carry vibration. And the Guides have provided specific attunements for us to employ and practice. All of this has been provided for us in preparation for playing with the universal orchestra. (You may even practice with others from this website. Look for the invitations on the calendar.)

Now when I hear clicking, I perk up and become keenly aware. I ask myself, what am I learning right now that is bringing me more closely and consistently aligned with the frequency of love and with the Divine?

Remember to practice your instrument. And remember to tune up first. Here are the attunements:

I am Word through my body. Word, I am Word.

I am Word through my vibration. Word, I am Word.

I am Word through my knowing myself as Word. Word, I am Word.

I know who I am in Truth.

I know what I am in Truth.

I know how I serve in Truth.

I am free. I am free. I am free.

I am in the Upper Room.

I am known. I am known. I am known.

I have come. I have come. I have come.

Behold, I make all things new.

God is. God is. God is.

It can be so.

It will be so.

Play on.

Photos by © Brenda Brayko 2021. All rights reserved.

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