Watching Waves

Most mornings I have the privilege of beginning my day with a cup of tea overlooking an inlet of the South China Sea known as Tai Tam Bay (right). Below are moored sailboats, luxury yachts, and fishing boats. Weaving through these are ski boats with wake boarders riding the wake only feet behind. From time to time a lone kayaker may paddle along the far shore at the base of the mountains. Before Coronavirus SARS CoV 2 hit, dragon boats would practice there on Saturday mornings, 20 men and women lined up on a narrow boat rowing in sync to the drummer drumming on the bow and the steerer in the back.

All this is to say, I watch wave patterns - a lot. I am fascinated with them, actually, because I interpret them as visible versions of frequency waves. And the Guides have much to say about frequency and the result of rising in frequency to arrive at Love. As we know, all things are in vibration and have their own frequency. The entire Earth does. And so do each of us. (Admittedly I don't know much about bio-resonance, but it seems like a great rabbit hole to pursue.)

So when the Guides speak about "knowing how you serve", they are speaking of the frequency you naturally emit. That is literally the vibe we each give off. We already know this to be true. Other people not only sense our vibe but their vibration interacts with ours. The waves in front of me illustrate what this can be: a boat crosses the wake of another boat at 90 degrees and their waves intersect with greater volatility, an embodiment of an angry encounter. Other gentle waves simply radiate out from a slow-passing boat and easily encounter other waves to create lovely diamond patterns in the water, much the way a new mother might radiate as she cuddles her infant. In other cases waves will slap up against an object and echoes back toward its source.

The more I work with the Guides' teachings, the more I realize that my own frequency has lifted. What do my waves look like? Perhaps it would appear as a gentle breeze moves over a placid bay. The waves are tiny and close together, disrupting very little but clearly visible and travelling long distances with ease. I imagine them radiating in symmetrical, beautiful patterns able to absorb the disturbances of skiers, fishing boats, or yachts.

What does that look like in real life? I have found that as my own vibrational energy has lifted, I am able to allow and absorb the presence of waves of all sorts - calm to volatile. I have even sat between two arguing and angry family members without getting caught up in their drama.

If you are seeking to wrap your head around the Guides' teachings on frequency you may wish to spend some quiet moments by the water's edge simply watching the waves. There is much they have to teach us.

Photos Copyright ©. Brenda Brayko 2020. All rights reserved.

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