Welcoming the New

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

When you are embarking on great change, you have a mission before you, and that is to face the change with gratitude, with welcoming, with an open mind and an open heart, because then you can be taken to someplace wonderful. . . .

The Guides through Paul Selig. The Book of Love and Creation (p. 384)


"What's new?"



"What's new?"


Let's just sit with that for a moment.

Does this ring true for you?

In my case "new" looks like teaching school in-person, nope - online, nope - in person; waving goodbye to my eldest son five months ago as he starts "adulting" literally half a world away; recently learning to play healing gongs; soon leaving a profession I have held for 31 years with no clear plan awaiting; adjusting to ever-changing Hong Kong policies on the limits from how many people can eat per table to what can and can't be taught about China in school; witnessing the very fabric of society morph and change at a cellular level. I might even go far as to say there isn't anything that is untouched by "New" both in my life and in the world.

It's a bit crazy, right? And maybe we need to be a bit crazy to navigate through it. Or to allow it. Or to welcome it.

In The Book of Love and Creation the Guides use an illustration that has stuck with me. They first tell us that as we lift in frequency of love we want to be led by the current of love in our Knowing. Then they tell us that "When you hold onto the desk and the current is trying to move you away, you have a really silly picture" (p. 382). A four-year journey working with the teachings and attunements of the Guides has taught me how to trust that if I “let go of the desk” I will indeed float - and not sink - in the sea of Love.

And that rise in frequency has summoned not only new experiences but a new life and a new world.

New experiences also create opportunities for learning. When I was growing up, after any sort of mishap or misadventure, my mother would always say, "Did you learn anything?" Now the Guides say, "Learn the lesson of the day."

It's the newness in life that brings the lesson of the day. In my work that means I have needed to shift from school to online school necessitated learning a whole lot: new structures, Zoom (no doubt we all know Zoom by now), new schedules, new teaching strategies, and new ways to connect to teenagers who suddenly become 2-dimensional 2x2 inch images on a screen. I have learned so much. And deciding to leave my career and life as an Expat to return to the Midwest, USA with my husband and youngest son in June means that every moment of my day will soon be new.

In my personal life learning the lesson of the day literally means practice lessons of playing my 28-inch symphonic Paiste gong for 30 minutes a day and playing for others once a week to improve my skills and prepare for what could develop into a new career ahead.

In the world it appears to be the collapse of long-standing societal systems and structures. Nothings seems to be untouched by the COV SARS-2 virus and climate disruption. Yet all is always changing, and we know that all things are being made new, our planet is lifting.

What will come my way? I have no idea, but I am trusting the current of love in alignment with my soul's Knowing. I am -as much as possible- approaching every change at work, at home, and in the world with gratitude, with welcoming, with an open mind and heart as the wondrous emerges.

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