What it Means to Claim "I am the Word" part II

Recently I began to really contemplate what it means to not only claim “I am the Word,” but to actually be the Word, and I asked myself a question. Can I become the language of Divine expression, and if so, what does that mean?

An interesting thing happened when I allowed myself to come into alignment with the answer. As feelings and emotions began to flood my being, I began to see things in a new way. At once, I was transported in my awareness to several personal moments of significance.

The first brought me to a very challenging time in my life where all I could focus on was survival. I had a well paying job at the time, but I knew I could be fired on the spot for any reason; so I worked hard but did so in fear. As the purpose of fear is to perpetuate itself, this level of thinking strained my relationships and I fell into depression and anxiety. During this time I had many conversations with my wife in which we exchanged unpleasant words. I don’t remember exactly what was said, but I know there were emotional articulations of betrayal and intense anger in my expression of language. As I recalled these things, I began to identify with my words, and I heard, felt and became the pain and sadness that pierced the heart of my soulmate. I did not want to be the words in this instance, but nevertheless it happened, and I was the cause.

The second moment brought me back to several conversations in which the intentions of my words were misunderstood, and I had caused hurt feelings when I didn’t mean to. Being the Word or realizing myself as Word could have helped me to instantly pick up on the effects of my verbal expression. I could then raise the vibration of my language so that my real intentions would not be lost.

Third, I saw the effects my words have had upon myself. It’s strange to think that we carry on conversations with ourselves (some out loud), but we do—constantly. Sometimes when we receive words from significant others, we repeat these words in our minds, and we feel their impact, whether positive or not. Long after the experience, we take over their role in our minds, and their words become our own. Knowing that I am the Word silences the voices that cause damaging self-talk. Knowing that I am the Word allows me to express the elevated language of the higher self. I can feel its power because I AM the Word and the expression.

Lastly, I was shown times in which I was able to articulate the words of my higher self. In these moments, I shared my love for those with whom I spoke. More importantly, I was able to express to them the love of the Creator. As I did so, I became one with the Word. Language expressed in this manner carries with it a power unmatched by egoistic endeavor and the truth is revealed. We are loved. We are loved. We are loved.

In my knowing of these things, I take responsibility and greater care with the signals that raise the vibration of the words I use. Through the power of intention and articulation I can express, in truth, the love of the Divine.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

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