Who Is Working With I Am the Word? (Part 1)

Since launching this website three months ago, I’m often asked, who are we and what exactly are we doing here? How are we different from the Facebook group? How are we different from the groups that were formed to support Paul as a professional channel?

On the most basic level, we are people who enjoy exploring consciousness, and we trust and have claimed as valid our own experience as multidimensional beings. This is normal to us, and we’ve developed friendships with others for whom this is also normal. With this website, we’re showing the world what it’s like when we talk to each other and share our experiences. We’re inviting others to join our conversations.

There were three factors to our inception: The Teachings, Social Validation, and Technology.

The Teachings

The first is the teachings of the Guides as channeled through Paul Selig. In case you are unfamiliar with this material, I will describe it here.

These books are unique because they are written (through Paul) by beings who refer to themselves as “The Guides.” The books are like workbooks for developing skills to navigate the world through energetic alignment. They address ubiquitous human phenomena that have been ignored and even maligned by mainstream Western society for centuries.

To accomplish this, the Guides walk the reader through a series of exercises and homework assignments, while making it clear that they are also offering real-time assistance to everyone who welcomes working with the material. The reader feels the books and feels the presence of the Guides. This may be a surprising experience for those new to consciousness exploration, but over time, the Guides’ techniques build the reader’s confidence in interpreting their own sensations.

Another purpose of the Guides’ teachings is to wake us up to the fact that humans have always been multidimensional beings collaborating with other multidimensional beings, yet we have been operating in limited awareness throughout history. With this in mind, they emphasize that their teachings are not new or even unique, but their specific language and methods are customized for this particular population at this time.

What that means for us, the people who inhabit the same culture as Paul Selig, is that the Guides provide open-ended, creative techniques that employ familiar religious language of Christianity with a fresh interpretation. These “attunement” phrases are not creeds to be chanted by rote. You don’t have to memorize or repeat them perfectly. Nor is the reader obliged to “follow” Paul Selig or find concordance with all content channeled by “The Guides through Paul.” Rather, these teachings offer a pathway to release ourselves from certain outdated restrictions of culturally inherited systems of authority.

Social Validation

Because the experience of learning this material is so unique, people studying these teachings often have questions and seek community and conversation. To provide that is the purpose of our Facebook group. Since 2011, this group has been home to a focused discussion specific to these teachings. We are a rare source of validation for people navigating the sometimes lonely journey of consciousness exploration. New members join every day, and Facebook data shows that there are over three thousand active members every week.

We are not affiliated with Paul’s business, but our group has grown synergistically with his career over the past ten years. During that time, I and a few well-chosen co-admins have moderated this group to retain its integrity through the twists and turns of social media politics. We’ve cultivated a core group of members who are well-read, well-intentioned, and enjoy the camaraderie and discourse provided by our community.


Through the miracle of modern communication technology, our group offers some of the social benefits of attending a workshop at a spiritual retreat center, but at home. Laptop computers, high-speed wifi connections, smartphones, and digital cameras are new tools that allow us to participate in a community from locations all over the globe. They help us find each other and establish real relationships. We’re just starting to see how this will change human society.

With our initial website here, we’re developing an independent media service that’s designed just for us. We’re not beholden to the politics and dynamics of social media anymore. We have this online platform to experiment with, and we’re just getting started.

The Path Forward

In the past few years, social media has become globally significant, and we realize that a group our size has the potential to influence culture. This website is us taking responsibility for the culture we’re creating. Now that we’re confident knowing ourselves as multidimensional beings who were operating in limited awareness before now, what are we going to DO?

But first, what are we NOT going to do?

We’re not distorting the teachings to reinforce the dogmas of history, and we’re not creating NEW dogma. We don’t want the teachings to spin off a new religion or a cult of followers, abetted by the perverse dynamics of social media. We see that happening sometimes in the Wild-West quagmire that is the worst of Facebook. If you put on your dogma-goggles, you’ll see it resembles traditional bible fundamentalism replete with evangelical testimony and quote-dropping to justify prejudice, manipulation, or spiritual bypassing.

Our wwiatw.com group is also distinct from an assortment of individuals using the Guides’ teachings to establish themselves as social media “influencers.” These people attract followers by making frequent, crowd-pleasing posts that hint at proselytizing or trying to convert or save people. You might see some of them in our Facebook group, but they are not participating in our conversations at wwiatw.com about maintaining the integrity of the teachings on a practical level.

Our People

When I put out a call-for-writers in September, 2020, I found people who were confident working with these teachings and wanted to do more. In our first three months, our core group of website contributors was established. We’re engaged in active dialogue to develop best practices for cultivating this community, and our mission is becoming clarified as we DO it.

We’ve also become a type of professional incubator. Many of our contributors are learning how to incorporate these teachings into their personal professional work. We’re mentoring each other and developing ways to support a large, diverse, international membership at all stages of development.

These are the people who are Working With I Am the Word. I’ll attempt to characterize them and describe their diversity in my next post, Who Is Working With I Am the Word? Part II: The Guides’ Collective.

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